I’ve lived in the same house my entire life. Well, at least until last week.

My home is no longer 10 minutes outside of Detroit, with the pink striped bedroom that I helped ‘design’ when I was 7, and the garden Joe and I started at the beginning of summer that is producing more cucumbers than we know what to do with.

Home now means our cute little house in Kalamazoo, still in dire need of a lot of furniture (we’re working on it!) – not the place I grew up in, with my parents that welcomed Joe in to our family with open arms, treating him as a son-in-law long before it was official. We both are constantly catching ourselves talking about home when referring to Grosse Pointe, subsequently wondering if and when Kalamazoo will actually feel like our home…like we’re not just visiting for a few years before making our way back to the ‘bubble’ that so many of my high school classmates are doing their best to escape.

We hung our first thing on one of our walls last night, a framed photo from one of Joe’s groomsmen, and amusingly, despite still lacking almost all of our real furniture, hanging that picture felt like the first step in making our new house feel like home. Hopefully as we replace the piece of glass on top of a plastic tote with a real coffee table, and put the pile of stuff currently in the corner into the credenza that is on its way from Zulily (oh, Zulily. Thats another blog post for another time), and have a couch to cuddle up on while we binge watch American Horror Story, we’ll feel like this is a home we belong in, sooner rather than later.


(I’m sure unpacking my clothes will help too.)


our first real meal…with a side of oops.

I’ve officially been living in our house for 25 hours, and while we did heat up frozen chicken and spring rolls last night, we cooked our first official meal together tonight…with only a mild catastrophe!

We decided to make tostones (fried, smushed chunks of plantain) which we learned to make on our honeymoon, elotes (mexican street corn), fried cotija (the best cheese ever), and steak! Joe manned the grill, while I worked on the flavoring for the corn and frying the plantains and cheese. Seems simple enough, right?

Wrong. Having never fried anything before in my entire life, I assumed the oil needed to be boiling before frying anything. 10 minutes passed, then 20, then 30, as I continued to turn up the heat waiting for it to boil. Joe had been popping his head in from outside every so often, and when I was hitting the 35 minute mark with oil on the stove, he mentioned it was looking a little smoky. As if on cue, the smoke alarm started singing the song of its people…so while Joe was frantically trying to 1) locate the smoke alarm and 2) turn it off, I shut off the stove, grabbed the pot, and quickly brought it outside to our (wooden) deck. I didn’t learn until later that I also sloshed the oil around while frantically bringing it outside, and ended up with a few little dots of oil burns. Oops.

Oops number 2 came when, after successfully turning off the smoke alarm, Joe said “you didn’t put the pot on the deck, did you?” Oops. 

Luckily the pot only left a little burn mark on the deck, and after letting it cool for a good 10 minutes on the concrete, we brought it back inside…and it was still hot enough to fry 8 of our 12 plantain chunks without even turning the stove back on.

The rest of dinner prep went quite smoothly…I now know the proper way to fry things, and our house is still standing – good news considering we have yet to get renter’s insurance (I’ll do that tomorrow)! Another plus? Our dinner was SO delicious – and totally worth a slightly bumpy first go at frying 🙂


Now pardon me, as I finish this glass of champagne and slather my finger in Burt’s Bees Res-Q Ointment – I’ve had this tin since maybe 7th grade, and only recently discovered how amazing it is at curing all sorts of maladies.


it all led up to this!

If you had asked me this time last year if I had planned on designing my wedding invitations, you would have gotten an answer something along the lines of “I mean…as a graphic designer I know I totally should, but I just don’t think I want that much pressure!”

However, at some point between last summer and early winter, I did a complete 180, and decided to take on designing not only our invitation suite, but literally every single other piece of printed material one could possibly need:

  • escort cards
  • personalized place cards
  • bridal party (day of) schedules
  • reception schedule
  • photographer’s shot list
  • save the dates
  • thank you notes
  • little notebooks
  • stickers
  • programs
  • rehearsal dinner invites
  • rehearsal dinner table decor
  • tags for wedding favors
  • 3 wedding/bridal shower invitations
  • games for one wedding shower
  • open bar sign
  • guest book sign
  • out of town guest welcome booklets
  • welcome bags
  • parts of all thank you gifts for family/bridal party

So yeah, I went overboard. Once I got started I just couldn’t stop, but it was all SO worth it. Many guests at the reception told me they loved that I paid attention to the smallest of details; whether it was hand signing the programs, writing a special note on their place cards, or using my Cricut (a gift from the DIY gods, I swear) to cut out 160 mini Vermonts that were strung onto the favors.

When I would tell people about what I was working on, they’d be shocked that I wasn’t using a wedding planner, and without fail, ask if I had a Type A personality. Surprisingly up until all of the wedding related shenanigans, I would’ve labeled myself as almost completely Type B…the wedding clearly brought out the super organized, detail-oriented side of me, and I’m not complaining! Hopefully the Type A side will continue to be present as I pack up my life in Grosse Pointe and move to Kalamazoo…

Anyway. This post has all been a build up to a few wedding photos! If you’ve come to my blog from Facebook, you’ve probably already seen these, but they’re seriously so perfect, they’re worth seeing again! As I continue to post, I’ll dive deeper into some of my projects – for now, a few strictly from our big day!


Dress, Headpiece, Belt: BHLDN
Photographer: Molly Grunewald Photography
Ties: The Tie Bar
Flowers: Thrifty Florist

so we got married…now what!?

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a few months now, and what better time than two weeks post-wedding? I’m still technically living in my parent’s house, and have spent the 3 days since arriving home from our honeymoon laying on the couch hopped up on Dayquil and Nyquil – thank you airplane germs – rather than packing up everything I have acquired over my 25 years of life. Oy.

Anyway. I posted a list of things I want to accomplish over the next few weeks on Facebook the other day, and starting a blog was near the top (along with figuring out what capsule wardrobes are all about, packing to move to Kalamazoo, and writing an unimaginable amount of thank you notes.) I’ve always liked writing, and between graduating from college, getting married (read: planning basically the entire wedding with lots of DIY projects, as well as letting out my previously undiscovered Type A personality), and moving to a new/house with Joe, there should be a lot to write about. So, here goes nothing!


PS. I’ll post a handful of wedding/honeymoon to Nicaragua photos in the next couple of days, but here’s one for now!

Wedding Photo
Me and my new hubby, Joe!
Photo Cred: Molly Grunewald Photography