366 days ago, I fell in love with Pure Barre.

If we are close, chances are that I’ve done my best to convince you to come to a Pure Barre class with me, or have at least endlessly raved about it (and more recently, complained about the lack of a Pure Barre in Kalamazoo.)

Home away from home!

This time last summer Joe and I took a road trip from Michigan to DC to NYC to VT, and back to MI. (I promise this is related.) At the same time, Pure Barre Grosse Pointe was in the process of opening to the public, and I had been tossing around the idea of signing up for the 1 month of unlimited classes for $100 deal, with no idea what it was all about other than what I had read on a few blogs. In NYC, we splurged on tickets to see Pippin on Broadway…and as ridiculous as it sounds, seeing the actresses on that stage with rockin’ bods and toned upper arms – I was convinced that my body: thin, but resembling more of a wet noodle than anything else, would benefit from this Pure Barre thing…especially since I hadn’t done much of anything to stay ‘fit’ after running the Disney World Half-Marathon in 2012.

Tucking in the Magic Kingdom, Spring Break 2015

Needless to say, since I’m writing a blog post about it, I took a class and fell in love. I made time for PB despite working and going to school, but those 55 minutes to focus on myself 4-5 times a week (sometimes more!) kept me happy and sane – and the fact that I was seeing results certainly helped!

You take 1 or 2 sets of weights, a rubber band, and a ball with you in to each class.

It’s not only the physical results that make PB worth it, even though I do know a lot of people from PBGP that have lost inches around their waists, and I’m loving that my arms no longer look like wet noodles. The teachers are so helpful and are always happy to be teaching class, and it’s easy to bond with the other girls (well, usually girls) before or after class over what books you’re reading, a new brand of leggings (hellooo, Fabletics), how badly your legs were shaking during seat work, or how hard the new warm up was. I love that despite having taken well over 100 classes, I still shake, still feel the burn, and that I’m always able to push myself just a little bit further…or take it a bit easier depending on how I’m feeling on any given day.

Precariously perched over a lake in VT
Precariously perched over a lake in VT

My go-to explanation of a Pure Barre class is usually along the lines of: “It’s kind of a mixture of yoga and pilates…with a ballet barre, and you’ll probably want to die after the first 10 minutes…but it’s totally worth it. I promise.” – and if I’ve successfully convinced someone to join me, chances are that when I look over at them 10 minutes in, they do in fact look like they want to die. BUT after the 55 minutes are up, they’ve fallen in love and are ready to sign up for their next class ASAP.

Yes, I
Yes, I “made” my friends take a PB class when we were in Florida for spring break.

Anyway, freelancing from our home in Kalamazoo (for a start-up distillery and trade show design) kind of has me feeling like a lumpy potato again, my attempts at convincing Joe that we need a dog aren’t going so well, and I’m missing my Pure Barre peeps somethin’ fierce…so I’ve done a bit of research on local barre studios and have found two potential replacements: Kalamazoo Barre and Yoga Reflections. Once my sinus infection is a little less painful, I definitely plan on checking them out – but my fingers are crossed that Pure Barre will decide that opening a studio in the Zoo is a good idea sooner rather than later. In the meantime, hopefully whichever new studio I end up at isn’t offended by the numerous PB branded tanks, t-shirts, socks, water bottles, and stickers that will be walking through their doors 😉

2013 vs 2015. Thanks Pure Barre for making me a slightly more even match for Gaston.
2013 vs 2015. Thanks Pure Barre for making me a slightly more even match for Gaston.
Love my 'Circle P' magnet :)
Love my ‘Circle P’ magnet 🙂

If you couldn’t tell by the variety of photos, my love for Pure Barre is strong. If there’s a studio near you, please do yourself a favor and check it out! It’s low-impact, you’ll hear lots of catchy new music that will be running through your head until your next class, your flexibility will improve, and most importantly, your life will change for the better! (…and it’s okay if you’re a little clumsy!)


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