Target + Suja Juice Cleanse / 1 day renewal – Review

Since a bit before our wedding I’d been looking in to doing some sort of cleanse, not to lose weight (goodness, emphasis on this – multiple people texted me on Wednesday after an Instagram post, concerned that I was trying to lose weight), but my eating/drinking habits absolutely aren’t the greatest, so I wanted to kickstart a (slightly) healthier lifestyle. After googling my options over a spoonful (or two/three) of frosting, I realized I probably wasn’t cut out for a cleanse where you pay a crazy amount of money to drink 7 juices a day for 5 days, with no food (mad props to anyone that can handle that. I don’t have enough self control…and like snacks too much.) So, when I came across Suja’s 3 juice, 1 day ‘renewal’ at Target – $3.99 a bottle – and read that you were supposed to eat 3 smalls meals throughout the day alongside the juices, I decided it was the perfect option for me! (Also, I suppose I should note at this point that this post isn’t sponsored. I just did a cleanse thing and am writing about it, plain and simple.)

Suja 1 Day Renewal
Huh, just realized I didn’t photograph the juices in the right order. Red, green, purple is the correct order!

There is a meal plan on Suja’s website, with 4 options for each meal and corresponding recipes/directions for each. I chose apple pie bites for breakfast, veggie burger for lunch, and Mexican stuffed sweet potato for dinner. They seemed filling enough! But boy, was I wrong. I don’t know what particular nutrient I was missing throughout the day, but I had zero energy, and just felt so hungry – even 10 minutes after drinking a juice or eating a meal. If nothing else, this was an amazing exercise to practice self control (every time I opened the fridge my mind went something along the lines of: Oh, that hummus looks delicious. It’s still healthy! I could totally eat a spoonful. Ugh, no. It’s not on the meal plan. But I’m so hungry! But no, not today. I guess. Sigh.) 

Anyway, on to the juices! All of the ingredients are listed on the front of the bottle – I’ve never been a ‘green juice’ fan, but that one wasn’t horrid, especially after the first few sips – and honestly I didn’t really care what it tasted like because I was so dang hungry. The morning and evening juices were amazingly delicious…I could drink the evening one every night and be a happy camper. But hmmm, what made these juices taste so good, you ask? Alas, there was SO much sugar, especially in the morning and evening juices. Despite it being natural sugar vs. anything else…sugar is probably the worst offender in my current diet – and I definitely consumed more sugar via these juices than I do on a regular basis (except when I eat multiple spoonfuls of frosting, or eat half a pint of Talenti gelato…) Knowing that, I definitely get why people don’t necessarily think cleanses are a good thing. On the upside though, all of my meals were pretty darn good, even if I didn’t feel satiated all day.


Breakfast (apple pie bites) was the least satisfying ‘meal’ of my day, but they did taste good! Dried apples, dates, toasted pecans, honey, and what seemed like a metric TON of cinnamon and nutmeg, ingredients I usually use relatively sparingly in things like cookies. But yes, definitely edible.


While I was in the midst of my second juice (the green one) Joe came home for lunch and ate a couple of chicken tenders with ranch…I don’t think a meal has ever smelled so good. Oof. I contemplated asking if I could lick a piece of his chicken, but refrained. My lunch was still an hour or so away, and it was definitely the most photogenic meal (veggie burger, a little mustard, 1/8 of an avocado, and baby greens…I nixed the tomato and onion, adding in a little extra avocado). By that time (about 45 minutes after finishing the green juice) I was pretty much the human equivalent of a vacuum cleaner. I hardly even tasted this food as I was eating it. I was so hungry, but thankfully it filled me up enough to be able to focus on some afternoon freelance work.


I didn’t get to eat dinner until about 8:00pm, because Joe and I had a few errands to run…including spending 20 minutes at Lowes picking out house plants, only to change my mind and decide to get them at Eastern Market, since we were heading back to GP for the weekend. Once we got home, I basically chugged the juice (which, though a bit chalky, was absolutely my favorite of the three) and anxiously waited for my sweet potatoes to bake. Joe helped make this meal, and ate it too…in addition to a chunk of steak. It was good, even though I messed up by not saving the skins to re-stuff. Oh well – it was just as delicious, and I wouldn’t have eaten the skin anyway!

I did end up cheating on the cleanse at about 12:15am, I ate a bit of a butterscotch flapjack I had gotten from Graze – but technically that was on Thursday, so I decided it doesn’t count 😉

Overall, the ‘renewal’ (I don’t think this can quite be called a cleanse, idk) definitely made me more conscious of what I consume on a daily basis, and as much as I’d like to say I’ve stuck to healthy eating as I had planned, I had a bowl of Cocoa Puffs for breakfast Thursday morning, and a good portion of our Talenti gelato before bed. Fulfilling the wishes of my sweet tooth can’t change overnight, y’all! I’d definitely recommend the Suja 1 Day Renewal if you’ve been interested in cleanses but don’t want to dive in to a 5 day long/only juice cleanse – it really is a great way to test your self control and start thinking about how you can eat healthier. Buuuut if you’re looking for a way to lose weight, I’m not so sure a cleanse would do the job unless you kept up the super clean, healthy, low cal, low carb diet after the cleanse/renewal. Shrug. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience! I got wind of JJ Virgin and the Sugar Impact diet. Read the book and it is a game changer. I learned I’m a sugar burner; her premise is ‘become a fat burner’. Obviously, this is more compelling for those of us who’d like to shed some lbs. But I found the info she shares equally valuable for increasing overall health and longevity and decreasing inflammation in the body. She also has some awesome recipes in the book. Enough protein, more healthy fats, way more veggies. Anyway, just thought I’d share. Maybe I should write a blog post about it!

    1. Go for it! It’s seriously perfect if you’re interested in seeing what a cleanse is all about 🙂 it was super hard to break my snacking habit for the day – and if nothing else I’m definitely more conscious about that post-cleanse 🙂

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