Plant Nanny Update – Yay Hydration!

Plant Nanny, hydrationHoly moley, I did it! And it only took two near-(plant)death experiences to get there! My lovely dandelion is now happily growing in the app’s virtual garden, because I’ve been drinking my full 5 bottles of water the past few days. Probably for the better, since the second half of this week will probably be full of…not water – my apologies in advance for the impending near-death experiences to the Devil’s Ivy I’ve begun ‘growing’ in the app.

I gotta say, I’m still quite impressed with how successfully this app has gotten me to drink more water – “Ugh I want a beer (or cider, juice, or Pepsi…) but I need to make sure my plant gets enough water!” has been a relatively common phrase in our household as of late – it’s actually quite amusing. Gamifying dull tasks, I’m tellin’ ya, it works!

In case you’re interested, here’s the link to download the (free) app for iPhones. Yay hydration!


One thought on “Plant Nanny Update – Yay Hydration!

  1. Glad to see you’ve fallen onto the bandwagon of water drinkers. It is a crucial component to achieving better health. Life is about moderation. If you have successfully consumed adequate amounts of water, go ahead and have that beer. The object is to be able to enjoy ANYTHING in life as long as you provide your body with the nutrients it needs. The 80% clean / 20% nutrient deficient or 90% clean / 10% nutrient deficient will likely achieve a healthy outcome while satisfying any gustatory needs. ENJOY!

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