Blog Award Time!

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, I’ve been nominated for a blogger award! Paul from palfitness nominated me for (in short,) the Epically Awesome award – woohoo, thanks Paul!


The rules (which I’ll post below) state that I should write 5 things about me/my blog…and while I think I used up the majority of my fun facts on my previous award post – I think I can pull a few more out of my brain.

  1. I love writing, re-writing, and re-re-writing lists. Shopping lists, packing lists, planning lists, to-do lists….etc. And if I smudge something on the list or it just doesn’t look quite right? I’ll throw that page in the recycling bin and start over. I especially enjoy doing it when I have one of my MochiThings pens that I rave about here on my blog every now and then.
  2. I love subscription boxes, despite currently only subscribing (full-time) to one – Birchbox! I also have recently fallen in love with Club W, get an outfit from Fabletics on occasion, skip FabKids every month, but there’s the option to get an outfit for our niece Bridget, got a lingerie set from AdoreMe once, and have yet to completely cancel, was doing the Graze thing all of last summer (highly recommended,) Joe has gotten Birchbox Man and SprezzaBox in the past, and currently receives clothes from FiveFourClub…and lastly, Barb has given KitNip Box a try, with a PurrPacks box on the way! Wow typing that all out makes it seem like I have a problem – but I swear only Birchbox and FiveFourClub are recurring/monthly boxes!! Hahah. (ps, referral links abound! All but Sprezza I think.)
  3. I have a tough time doing nothing. I think I wrote about this in my New Year’s post (about how I’m like a hummingbird and all that jazz) but really. I can’t think of the last time Joe and I had a weekend where we weren’t doing something. Well actually yes, I can, but it’s because I was alternating between whining on the couch and puking in the bathroom. Even when we think we’ll have a weekend to do nothing but relax, watch movies, and maybe do a little laundry, we end up doing much more than that — and that’s just the way I like it!
  4. I think I’ve made it pretty obvious that I love traveling. Howevvvvver, nothing makes me happier than walking down Main Street USA towards Cinderella’s Castle! Spending the night in the Sahara (in Morocco), eating fresh hummus with a picture-perfect view of Hagia Sofia (in Turkey), or consuming way too much wine on a cruise down the river Seine may be close seconds, but Disney World will always be my second home. Home is where the wifi automatically connects, right?! 😉
  5. Some people need their coffee in the morning to get their day going, I need Diet Pepsi. In fact, my whole family does. If we’re traveling, no matter what country we are in, the first thing we do is seek out Diet Pepsi….sometimes clearing a smaller store’s entire stock, especially in countries where Coke is more prominent. It’s kind of amusing. On that note, we’re all very excited that Pepsi has taken the aspartame out of their DP – hooray! Sometimes I joke that my occasional sucky memory is due to consuming too much aspartame 😛
cat, meow
Oh hey! A bonus picture of Barb snoozin!

Hooray! Now for the rules:

Include the picture of the award in your post and thank your nominator while linking to them. Tell the blogging world 5 things about yourself and/or your blog. Select 5 nominees, name and link to their most recent post!

That’s it! Pretty simple, I’d say.

My nominees:

Allison – 10 ways

Jamie – From 5’3

Linda – Nutsrok (she has an award-free blog, but worth a follow!)

Kelli – Kelifornia

Joanne – My Life Lived Full

Sooooo, yeah! Hooray awards! If you haven’t checked out any of those blogs, you should definitely give them a look 🙂 Hopefully everyone’s weeks are off to a great start! We woke up to another 4+ inches of snow here in Kalamazoo. Mother Nature can suck it – I’m ready for spring!


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