Review: HASK Mint Almond Oil Hair Products

Disclaimer: I was sent these products from HASK, with no compensation other than the products to test and review. The following post consists of my honest thoughts & opinions about the product!

After the resounding success of the Macadamia Oil hair care set I received from HASK a few months ago, I was excited to receive another set for review last week – this time a thickening formula instead of moisturizing. Not gonna lie, I kind of feel bad for Joe – I’m taking up much more shower caddy real estate than he is with my wide variety of shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, face washes, etc. Oh well – I’m a girl so that’s allowed, right? 😛

Thanks, HASK!
Thanks, HASK!

While I don’t think anything will ever beat the amazing smell (reminiscent of cookies) that the Macadamia Oil shampoo and conditioner brought to the table, I do love the smell of mint in the morning – it wakes me up! Well, kind of. I still need a can (or two) of Diet Pepsi before I’m fully functional:)

Anyway, I’ve been using this shampoo for about 8 days now, and I’ve definitely noticed a difference – especially when I actually remember to use the root thickening spray before drying my hair (remember, not fully awake until after that Pepsi!) The shampoo gets super sudsy, and the conditioner doesn’t weigh down my hair – both key elements to a good thickening/volumizing shampoo in my book – especially since my hair is very fine. I’ve noticed that my hair does look more voluminous and feels a bit thicker after using the trifecta of hair products – but not in a bad way, I haaaate when my hair looks too puffy.


selfie time- not sure why they look blurry 🙁

There’s really nothing to dislike about this hair care set – it smells good, makes my hair feel a bit thicker (though I suppose if you already have thick hair that’s not the most useful thing,) and it’s sulfate/paraben free, which I know is important for those of you that are doing the all-natural thangggg.

Well actually, there is one thing….the damn Papyrus used all over the bottle! Why!?!? I think I mentioned this in my other review too, but if I saw any of these HASK products on the shelf, I would pass right by them simply because of the font choice…no matter how great the product inside the bottle is. Goodness gracious.


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