It’s Oberon Day! And also Monday.

So if you’re in a part of the country/world that doesn’t have the yumminess that is Bell’s Oberon, you have no idea what I’m talking about. But in Michigan; and particularly Western Michigan/Kalamazoo, it’s practically a holiday. There are special donuts at a local donut shop, midnight release parties at various bars, and Bell’s was opening bright and early today – what’s better than a 9am beer?! (Certainly not this peach yogurt I’m currently eating with a fork, let me tell ya.) Oberon release day means summer is coming – despite snow being in the extended forecast… – and I suppose the fact that Oberon is tasty plays in to the excitement too 😉

  1. Perhaps most exciting of all (regarding Oberon day) is that one of my close friends from CCS designed a lot of this year’s Oberon artwork! Pick up a mini keg and you can see her work – I know I’m impressed! 🙂 Hooray for all of my CCS friends having jobs in our field; it’s not always that easy.
  2. Over the past few weeks I’ve been helping a friend plan an Amazing Race style birthday party for her husband, and it finally all came to fruition on Saturday! It all went off super well…except at Salvation Army where it was “all clothing is 99 cents day” – lines were outrageous. So a quick adjustment was made, and we continued on in our quest! I love planning things, and when that planning also includes writing out cheesy clues? Definitely a happy camper.
  3. I’m pretty sure I’ve never actually celebrated St. Patrick’s Day like a lot of other people do – it’s also my sister’s birthday, so until we both moved out of my parents’ house, that was the focus (plus I mean, we haven’t been 21+ for that long.) Last year I went to the bar next to school with one of my friends between classes and we got a green beer, but that was it. No going gung-ho with the whole thing – until this year. Being in a town with so many bars/breweries makes it quite easy to ‘celebrate’ – and that we did! Friday was a little bit rough, but it was definitely a fun night which culminated with games of Jenga and Uno at Arcadia. Come on, we’re not that crazy 😉
  4. I’ve been working my booty off between Newell and my freelance Vodka job, but it’s so exciting to see the Vodka company getting closer and closer to kick-off! I have a whole social media calendar created, and lots of photo equipment/props are coming in the mail – now we just need the government to approve the labels, and some actual product to consume! …I mean photograph. And then consume. It’s a good thing we have a pretty solid base of friends here – I’m not sure how much vodka Joe and I will be able to consume on our own!
  5. It’s Easter week! It’s still a little weird to me being home for Easter – up until my Junior or Senior year of high school, all Easters I can remember were spent at our Condo in Florida – I wish flights were less expensive so we could have taken a long-weekend family trip to soak in some Vitamin D! But a jelly bean hunt around our living room will be almost as good 🙂

Yay Monday! And DWTS premiere day! I usually only watch this on and off/if I’m bored, BUT my friend from the other side of the state is in Kzoo for work, so we will be watching it together since The Bachelor is over!

2 thoughts on “It’s Oberon Day! And also Monday.

  1. Oberon Day is a new one for me. So much seems to be circulating particularly with St. Patrick’s Day and Easter week all somehow flowing together. Thanks for your interesting reflection on life with you. Easter week for me has a lot of external fun and ‘stuff’ but also gives me the opportunity to renew and revive my internal as I ‘remember’ and honour the real reason for this season.

  2. Never heard of Oberon Day. Sounds like quite a festivity;) We have never celebrated St Patrick’s day. The most we have done is dress in green and I would often forget that, too lol. Glad you got to do something different and are enjoying life thus far!

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