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Disclaimer: I was sent these products from derma e with no compensation other than the product to test and review. The following post consists of my honest thoughts & opinions about the product!

Joe’s scalp has been giving him trouble for about as long as I can remember, and it gets worse when we switch to a different water supply. So going to GP for a weekend and coming back to Kzoo (still not sure which to call ‘home’ – both?!) wreaks havoc on his head! We’ve actually both been meaning to make dermatologist appointments; me for whatever is going on around my eyes, and him for his scalp and constantly itchy skin. But neither of us like talking on the phone, so appointments have yet to be made. I promise we’re adults 😛

Anyway – I was super excited when derma e offered me (well, Joe) the opportunity to review their new line of products aimed at relieving scalp issues and itchy skin. It’s like the campaign was made for him! Our fingers were crossed that maybe there was in fact something out there to help his scalp that wasn’t 1) super expensive, or 2) required a prescription.

derma e psorzema


This line of products from derma e is aimed towards anyone living with psoriasis or eczema (combined, creating the products’ names: Psorzema. So clever.) looking for a more eco-friendly, natural way to help soothe their itchy, dry, and irritated skin.

Even though Joe has only been using the shampoo and conditioner for a week or so – he’s already noticed that his scalp situation is improving. The shampoo is sulfate free, has Salicylic Acid to help de-flake, tea tree oil and menthol to help calm and cool the itchyness, and the Psorzema herbal blend with Neem, Burdock, and Bearberry to replenish, soothe and improve a dry, scaling scalp. The conditioner is similar, but with almond oil, argan oil, and aloe to thoroughly condition hair instead of a cleansing agent 😉 duh.

Yay - no itchy skin and no sad scalp. Happy campers all around.
Yay – no itchy skin and no sad scalp. Happy campers all around.

I could go on and on about the shampoo and conditioner. Definitely two thumbs up from the hubby.

He’s not quite as enthralled by the body wash and Psorzema cream – I think because the results aren’t quite as immediate, but I’ve been using the cream on my elbows (which have been in desperate need of some TLC) and have definitely noticed some improvement! The cream is made with a blend of herbal extracts and skin vitamins such as Neem, Burdock, Bearberry, Vitamins A and E to help soften and soothe dry, irritated, scaling skin. The natural blend of ingredients help reduce redness and encourage healthy looking skin without the use of steroids, coal tar or pine tar. Woohoo, plant power!

While we definitely aren’t an all-natural household, we do try to stay at least somewhat conscious of what we’re putting in (and on!) our bodies. This past winter I decided to try some more holistic methods of staying healthy, and I *did* only get sick once – Echinacea tea, vitamin C/zinc when I felt something coming on, and Elderberry spray, just in case you’re wondering 😉 Really though – I get excited when we find something eco-friendly/natural that actually works as well as its non-natural counterparts…and have so far been beyond impressed with everything from derma e.

If you happen to have skin issues and are interested in the Psorzema line (or anything from derma e, really) you can find it in health food stores, or on their website (which has a sale going on right now – doesn’t get better than that!)

derma e psorzema creme


Just for you lovely people that have actually read the entirety of this review…derma e is is providing samples (3 foil packs) of the Psorzema cream for the first 10 readers that click this link and submit your information 🙂


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  1. Found this block interesting and yes I did read it all the way through! Was impressed that you found it useful so quickly. Some skin products do definitely bring assistance and are being worked on and refined year by year. Hope you find on-going relief and care. I like your reference to the ‘natural’ life as well. ‘Natural as far as possible with our food and body intake for us here but love moisturisers, and creams and ‘stuff’ for the externals. Have a great day.

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