Happy Monday – Memorial Day Edition!

I’ve still got an hour and a half to write my happy Monday post, but we’ll see how detailed this post ends up being between the melatonin I just took and the infuriatingly itchy bug bite between my pointer and middle finger knuckles. Merp.

  1. Despite our last minute Memorial Day Weekend plan change, we still had a great weekend with friends and family…and lots of relaxing on the porch. Doesn’t get much better than that! My mom and I played 2 different Mensa-Awarded games – SET (a long-time family favorite) and a game Joe and I recently received from Kickstarter – World’s Fair 1893.
  2. As much as I love planning trips, I’m usually pretty bad at remembering to pack everything I need for short trips back to the other side of the state. This weekend? I forgot undies. Luckily I found a few pairs in a drawer leftover from my 3 week long trip to the Netherlands, where I just kept buying cheap HEMA (a mini Target, basically) undies to avoid doing my laundry at the laundromat in Den Haag’s Red Light District. Priorities. Very thankful I had stashed those away.
  3. This week is a super short work week! As a contractor, I guess that’s kinda stinky, but I’m looking forward to heading up north on Thursday anyway 🙂 Today my friends and I worked out a menu for the weekend since we’ll be renting a condo, and shortly I’ll need to unpack and repack my bag! Yay weddings!
  4. I got to go to Pure Barre Grosse Pointe this weekend – always a major benefit of being home 🙂 And I’m always crazy sore after a PBGP class, without fail. As much as I love climbing and Flex 2.0, nothing beats a Pure Barre burn. And I always ponder opening my own studio in Kzoo upon our return; it’s just so great.
  5. We brought tennis rackets back from my parents house! Hooray for being active this summer…at least in theory…if we can find time. I used to play tennis a LOT, so I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. Heh. Swing. Get it? 😉
  6. DCOM 100! Need I say more? I could watch DCOMs all day err’day. (Disney Channel Original Movie, for the blissfully unaware.)

Woo! Made it through without falling asleep! AND with a bonus happy. And I’ve been distracted enough that my hand isn’t unbearably itchy at the moment. I also put Res-Q-Ointment on it.

Me, when it comes to Res-Q-Ointment
Me, when it comes to Res-Q-Ointment
Also this.
Also this.

Goodnight, and happy Monday!


Wanderlust Wednesday – 5/25

travel quote

Wanderlust Wednesday post, just in the nick of time! It’s been quite a day, to say the least.

Apparently this Roman Payne fella wrote a book called The Wandress – a quick peek on Amazon tells me it isn’t a book I’d be interested in, but it’s full of good quotes for this weekly travel quote thing I’m doing! Maybe I’ll read it anyway.

Due to an unexpected illness in the family that hosts us every Memorial Day weekend, our Indy 500 trip was cancelled this year – definitely a bummer, but happy thoughts and prayers would be appreciated for a speedy recovery! <3



Review: HASK Charcoal Purifying Hair Care

Woop woop! HASK was generous enough to provide another set of hair care products for me to review! This time, a charcoal-based purifying set. I’ve been super interested in the charcoal trend (face masks, toothpastes, etc), and with summer coming up quickly (and the sunscreen, pool/lake water, and other outdoorsy things that go along with it…) it’s probably a good thing I’ll have a go-to product to make sure my hair is as happy as a clam 🙂


I’ve used a couple of other clarifying products that dried out my hair and scalp, but after almost a week of using HASK’s purifying hair care set I’ve only noticed that my hair is shinier, less frizzy, and feels a bit less weighed down – all good things! It also doesn’t help that my hair is at that annoying length right now where it doesn’t want to behave, so anything that makes it look a bit better gets a thumbs up in my book 🙂 Sometimes a drastic, noticeable difference isn’t what you need for a product to do its job well!


From HASK’s website: Whether you rely on dry shampoo to maintain your weekly blowouts or reach for sprays and gels regularly, overdoing it with product can create build-up that weighs your hair down and can seriously cramp your style. Charcoal, a hero ingredient derived from coconut shells in the Philippines, acts as a magnet and attracts and removes impurities – like product build-up – so you are left with hair that is full of body and shine.

While the charcoal line of products doesn’t have the delicious sugar cookie smell of the moisturizing macadamia line, or the refreshing ‘wake me up’ smell of the thickening almond oil line, it does have a pleasant light citrus scent. It isn’t too overpowering, and definitely plays into the purifying/clarifying aspect of the line – as it should!

This is how house thangsss make me feel. At least my hair is fresh and clean ;)
This is how house thangsss make me feel. At least my hair is fresh and clean 😉 Not that this picture really makes it look that way. I promise it is! The more I look at it actually, the stranger this picture looks. Oh well. Very accurate depiction of my right now.

I’ve seriously been beyond happy with every product HASK has sent me. They don’t test their products on animals, and are free of sulfates, parabens, drying alcohol and artificial colors. I’m not even really one to avoid those things, but I do feel better knowing what I’m using is thoughtfully made 🙂 My only gripe, which has been a gripe since I was first introduced to the HASK brand, is the use of Papyrus. But I suppose I can continue to look past that – plus I usually shower without contacts in, so I can’t see it anyway! Heh.

You can find this line, as well as all of HASK’s other lines on Ulta’s website for only $5.99 each! Doesn’t get better than that.

Have you used any of HASK’s products? What’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Disclaimer: I was sent these products from HASK, with no compensation other than the products to test and review. The following post consists of my honest thoughts & opinions about the product!




Bachelorette Jojo – Bracket!

It’s Bachelorette day! Did you think I’d forget to post the bracket file?! (Well, you would have been correct, I did almost forget.) I adjusted it a bit from my Bachelor Ben bracket for the sake of clarity and to make it a little more fun – let me know if you print one off/fill it out – we can compare notes 🙂

Bachelorette Bracket - Jojo


Here is a link to a PDF download if that’s any easier 🙂

Also, I forgot Coley, Daniel, and Derek in the list at the top. My bad.


Happy Monday

It’s Monday again! Already.

In case you didn’t already assume (due to the lack of posting about it) – the homeowners accepted a higher offer on the house. Sad day, but life goes on. We hardly even had time to get attached to it! We looked at another house yesterday, and although it was super nice (save some painting and replacing windows) we’re pretty sure we don’t need a 2700 square foot house. The search continues (at least until June 1st, because our landlord is annoying. Different story for a different day.) On with the happy!

  1. WARMTH. SUNSHINE. Holy cow being outside in a tank top and not freezing my buns off is so great. Did I write about this last week? I’m having a bit of déjà vu. Oh well, I’m allowed to be excited about good weather two weeks in a row.
  2. This weekend is Indy 500 weekend! With only a couple of exceptions, we’ve been going down to (just outside of) Indianapolis since before I was born, and this year is no exception! I’m a sucker for tradition. Joe’s coming for his second time ever (the first was the first year we were dating, and we got in trouble for falling asleep on the couch together, mwahahah) and I’m just super duper excited! (Just cross your fingers that it doesn’t thunderstorm all weekend as currently forecasted – merp!)
  3. My work had a garage sale on Friday and I got all sorts of fun goodies including: an Irwin box cutter, a bucket of “pop-arty’ beads that I’ve been eyeballing at Target for years, a couple of hair brushes for my mama, a Pack n’ Play, and a bag of cat food! Yes, a very random selection, and yes, there’s a good chance I have some slight hoarding tendencies. Maybe that 2700 square foot house wouldn’t be so bad….heh.
  4. Amazon Prime. Does this one speak for itself? I don’t know what Joe and I would do without it, other than maybe get judged by our mail man slightly less. Need new nail scissors? Prime! Filters for Barb’s water fountain? Prime! Deodorant? Cheaper on Prime, so why not! Checkered flag party supplies for an upcoming Vökin Vodka post? Prime, of course! (I gotta say, I’m disappointed in Kalamazoo’s lack of racing party supplies.)
  5. Only 13 days until we can make our Fastpass selections! Okay actually typing that out it seems a lot farther away. Sigh. Also they changed it from opening at midnight to opening at 7am. I’m sure that’s great for lots of people that need to go to bed early, but as a night owl, BOO that means I have to get up like an hour and 15 minutes earlier than normal. First world problem, I know, I know. I should probably start semi planning our trip to figure out where we should be on which days. Yay Disney!

I have some reviewing to catch up on this week…and a “Green Flag” cocktail to create for Vökin! Here’s hoping Apple Pucker, Vodka, and Sprite all taste good together, ’cause that’s all I’ve got so far. (Midori was too expensive.)

Happy Monday!


Trend Watch: Summer!

Me, trendy? Just maybe.

I realized I’ve been feeling pretty strongly about two different trends as we slowly move towards summer/warm weather. One I’m loving, and the other…I’m just not so sure why anyone ever thought it was a good idea at all whatsoever.

The Good

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.47.44 PM 2758_9054_410_l1

Oh my goodness. I cannot get enough of the high-neckline trend that’s floating around the internet. There’s a very good possibility that my obsession/appreciation has to do with how badly I’ve burned my chest over the past 10 or so years…but hey, whatever works – right? I’ve purchased both of these bikinis – the neon yellow one from Fabletics, and the navy one from American Eagle…and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day that it’s warm enough to wear them! Darn Michigan weather. Luckily one of Joe’s coworkers has a pool, and our boat should be at the Yacht Club sometime within the next week or so, providing ample opportunities for donning a new bikini this summer. Woohoo!

I also got this sports bra from Lou & Grey…but I don’t think my tummy is quite toned enough to wear it without a tank. Living in beer-central does have its downfalls, believe it or not. 😉

The Bad

Horrible? Mind-boggling? Whatever adjective you prefer, I simply do not understand why open-shoulder tops are a thing. Who thought these were a good idea?! They should be fired from the fashion world.

3204821_fpx-1 dc75e6da578ffc635a3503d0eb4076d5 Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.04.47 PM

Just…no. I feel like Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada when one of these tops crosses my path. I literally can’t even.



And with that…here ends my first foray into the world of fashion blogging. 😉


Wanderlust Wednesday – 5/18

Mombacho Volcano, Nicaragua

Oh hey, self with long hair! I miss being able to just put it up and head out – enough of this ‘need to wash my hair every morning’ nonsense.

In other news, we put an offer in on a bungalow-style house this afternoon! Eep. (insert non-existent nervous vomit emoji here.) Prayers, good wishes, happy thoughts – whatever you’ve got – we’d appreciate it!


Happy Monday!

Sheesh, I’ve hardly had time to blink today, much less write up a blog post, but now it’s Dancing With the Stars time, aka popsicle, wine, and writing time.

Today was a gross Monday, save a couple of things:

  1. It was actually sunny today! And I didn’t feel like I needed to have a coat on! Huzzah. I don’t wana jinx it, but maybe spring has finally sprung? Much better than the SNOW we had over the weekend…sigh.
  2. Speaking of the weekend – I spent it up north celebrating a college friend’s bachelorette party! We went wine tasting for almost 7 hours all around Old Mission Peninsula on Saturday and it was lots and lots of fun! (Obviously.) I also learned that 2 lads Cabernet Franc is my favorite…and I regret not buying a bottle! I did buy a comfy hoodie instead though – no regrets there.
  3. My next le tote arrived today! Hooray for tomorrow’s outfit being easy to put together 🙂 Thursday I started taking pictures of my outfits, I’ll probably post something about it eventually.
  4. We got 24 popsicles for $6.99 at Costco today. This one speaks for itself.
  5. I’ve discovered not one, but two awesome series on Hulu over the past week. First, 11.22.63, a mini-series based on a Stephen King novel. Watch it, now. Also The Path – I’m on ep 6 of 8 right now and enjoying it quite a lot! It’s been renewed for a second season, so there’s also that 😀


Bonus: I have a new Kate Spade purse! Sorry, mom.


First-Timer Disney Tips

After helping my family-in-law (Joe’s mom and sister) plan what was essentially their first trip to Disney World (they hadn’t been for about 10 years, and were taking our niece for the first time,) it got me thinking about all sorts of things that first-timers should probably know about going to Disney. Sure these things can be found scattered throughout the internet, but I’m going to try to compile some of the biggies in this post, woo!


  1. Get active! A normal day in Disney for my family/me and Joe adds up to usually at least 12 miles of walking. Yep, 12 miles a day. The walking doesn’t even phase me; if anything I’ve gotten to the point of “Oh man, we only walked 12 miles today? Let’s aim for 15 tomorrow!” I’m weird. Really though, if your body isn’t used to that much activity, it may hit you like a freight train after your first day…so just prepare! Whatever that means for you 🙂
  2. Make lists. I’m an overplanner when it comes to trips, but there’s only so much planning you can do for a Disney Vacation. My dad always used to have us name the top 3-5 things we wanted to do or places we wanted to eat, and we would get fastpasses/make reservations based on how all of our choices matched up. Since you can’t guarantee how long lines will be for different attractions, making a list of ‘must dos’ for each park gives everyone a general idea of your plan of attack, filtering in ‘would like to dos’ as the day goes on. I’ve begun doing this when planning trips with my friends and Joe, and it works out quite nicely.
  3. Splurge for the ParkHopper ticket. When Joe and I did our whirlwind 2 day Disney weekend back in December we started Sunday morning in Magic Kingdom for breakfast, then went to Epcot and Hollywood Studios before ending our night (and trip!) back in MK, since it didn’t close til midnight. We were able to fit in everything we wanted to do, despite only having 2 days in the park. Totally worth it.
  4. Take advantage of Disney Transportation…but make sure you leave ample time for travel. In this case, ample means at least an hour. You might see 3 Animal Kingdom buses, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and another Epcot bus before seeing one for MK – and when you’ve got reservations for Cinderella’s Castle, you don’t want to chance missing them! Leave lots of time – and worst case scenario? You get to your location early. Quelle horreur! (This happened to us, and we had enough time to ride the carousel AND meet Anna and Elsa before breakfast at Be Our Guest.)
  5. No naps! I suppose this depends on a lot of different things, but I am a huge proponent of going 110% when in Disney. Everyone I’ve gone with can attest to this…and they may hate me a little because of it. Something I’m definitely going to have to work on once Joe and I bring our future children. Anyway. If you’re only in Disney for a short amount of time, make the most of it! If you need a break, hit up one of the dark, air conditioned shows throughout the parks.
    • Magic Kingdom: Carousel of Progress, Country Bear Jamboree, or the Laugh Floor
    • Hollywood Studios: the Little Mermaid Show or Great Movie Ride
    • Epcot: Disney/Pixar Short Film Festival, Club Cool, O Canada, or Living with the Land
    • Animal Kingdom: the Nemo show, Lion King show, or It’s Tough to be a Bug.
  6. Buttons! Whether it’s your first visit, your birthday, or you’re celebrating an anniversary/marriage – make sure you ask for the corresponding button when you’re checking in! It may provide you with a ‘magical moment’ or two (free dessert or fastpasses – not guaranteed, but it’s been known to happen!) Even if you don’t get anything for free, you’ll constantly be congratulated or told ‘happy birthday’ by both Cast Members and guests alike! If you didn’t already have the warm fuzzies from being in Disney World – this’ll do it 😉
  7. Rides can, and probably will break down. It happens, but it’s no ones fault, sooo don’t let it ruin your trip! Do I need to say ‘don’t take it out on the Cast Members’ ? I’d hope that’s an obvious suggestion, but there are plenty of people that could use that reminder.
  8. As nice as sleeping in or enjoying a late breakfast is while you’re on vacation…getting to the parks at rope drop (opening) is totally worth it. Lines are either non-existent or much, much shorter, allowing you to get a few of those ‘must dos’ with longer wait times in before the park fills up. Plus, pro-tip: the animals on Kilamanjaro Safari are much more active first thing in the morning, before it gets too hot! 🙂
  9. Speaking of the heat. Florida gets hot in the summer. Stay hydrated, wear a hat, put on sunscreen religiously. Take advantage of those cool-down spots I mentioned. If you’re in MK – get a Dole Whip and/or Le Fou’s Brew! Yum-o.
  10. Don’t let others ruin your trip. You’ll see families fighting, and encounter more than your fair share of rude, grumpy people that think since they paid a lot of money, they’re entitled to everything and anything their hearts desire. Don’t let these things take away from the Disney Magic! To make up for these people, try to say please and thank you to the Cast Members – they’ll appreciate it! Oh also…promise me you’ll look out for strollers and scooters. Your toes will thank you.

Other important things if you’re staying on property: you can start making dining reservations 90 days out. So if you neeeeeed to eat dinner at Be Our Guest (which is highly, highly recommended over breakfast) do yourself a favor and jump on the Disney app at midnight to get that taken care of. Similarly, Fastpass selection opens up 60 days in advance. The earlier you can make your choices, the more likely it’ll be that you get fastpasses for the rides you want. And it should go without saying, but yes – fastpasses are free. Oh, and did I mention Dole Whips? Get one – you won’t regret it.

Holy moley I could go on and on and on about planning a Disney trip, so real talk: if you have questions, hit me up!

Did I miss anything major? Let me know in the comments!


Wanderlust Wednesday – 5/11

Belle Isle Grand Prix , Detroit
Belle Isle Grand Prix , Detroit

And today for your viewing pleasure, a link to some amazing freediving photos. Talk about getting out of your comfort zone, eh?

Happy hump day!