Review: Valentia Night Revive Retinol Serum

Last week we had a few activities around the office; some allowing us to ‘be the consumer’ and others more focused on usability, including an aging simulation. Gloves to simulate tremors, an extra 55 pounds of weight, ear plugs, glasses to simulate retina detachment or something (I could barely see) – it was kind of awful, but super interesting at the same time. Aging can be scary, especially if you don’t take care of yourself while you’re young!

So…what does this have to do with reviewing a skincare product? Your skin ages too! And while wrinkles may not be physically debilitating like the tremors or loss of muscle mass I experienced last week, keeping your skin healthy (and out of the sun, cough cough) is still super important. Besides, who doesn’t want to look their best! 😉

Enter: one of Valentia’s newest products, the Night Revive Retinol serum (or, nighttime serum from here on out.) I’ve been using this serum before bed for a couple of weeks now, and I have seen no changes. BUT THAT’S OKAY. I don’t have any wrinkles to get rid of, and my skin is pretty great, all things considered. I didn’t expect the serum to immediately make my face as soft and smooth as a baby’s bottom! Thad said; I DO feel confident that by using this product in my 20s and beyond, my skin will thank me as I get older!


Okay, now let’s get into the details (supplied by Valentia.)


Retinol (Vitamin A): Works at the cellular level to stop winkles, manage breakouts, and evens out skin discoloration.
Vitamin C: Guards skin against environmental free-radicals to prevent premature aging.
Vitamin E: Provides intense hydration to diminish the drying effects of retinol.
Squalane: Derived for pure olive oil to soften and condition delicate skin.


As with all Valentia products, this nighttime serum is made of all natural, organic ingredients. It is unscented, and doesn’t leave a gross, greasy residue after application. (That’s probably my favorite part, yay!) You can find this serum, as well as the other Valentia products I’ve reviewed on their website and on Amazon.

Take care of your skin, y’all! (and Happy Halloweekend!!)


Happy Monday – 10/24

Happy Hallo-week! I just realized I haven’t posted a Wanderlust Wednesday post for 2 weeks now…so just in case you’re keeping track, there are only 66 days until our Morocco trip! American Horror Story has been distracting me, I guess. (This season is SO GOOD, speaking of.)

let's take a moment to appreciate the 2lb dog that was at my new hair salon.
let’s take a moment to appreciate the 2lb dog that was at my new hair salon.
  1. I just need to go to Payless for some penny loafers (lol.) and my costume will be complete! Oh, and making a faux-wooden finger out of sculpey. So close! This costume is fun, though I’m wondering how many people will actually know who I am. I emailed Davecat over the weekend about my costume – I’m sure he’ll be just as excited as I am! 😉
  2. Joe and I went to our first tailgate ever over the weekend. Ah, the life of an art school student. Western won, and we had lots of fun…even with me asking Joe what was happening every 15 seconds. I just donnnn’t get it.
  3. It’s finally actually Fall! Bright blue, cloudless skies and orange/red/yellow leaves…it isn’t Summer, but I guess I’ll take it 🙂 Apparently people are already skiing in Vermont. Nope nope nope nope.
  4. I had my free training session included in our new gym membership on Saturday morning, and I’m still sore. Which I suppose is a good thing, right?! Now I just need to get in the habit of actually GOING after work. Here’s hopin’! The trainer also gave me some stretches to try and loosen up my hamstrings (I’ve only successfully touched my toes ONCE in my life.) Remember that flexibility challenge I started at the end of last year? I’m actually going to try and follow through with that now – wish me luck!!
  5. And now for your happy news, or whatever you want to call it. LOOK HOW CUTE THIS IS. Puppies and cheetah cubs. The best.


Happy Monday – 10/17

I’m beginning to think that everything Joe and I do can easily fall under the ‘whirlwind’ category. We got back from Nebraska (and Iowa!) late last night, and now all I want to do is sleep! Between Friday and Sunday we walked almost 15 miles through airports, a zoo, and across state lines – AND we attended a wedding somewhere in there too! Whirlwind.

Now onto the good stuff.

  1. The guy sitting in the window seat on our flight from Omaha to Minneapolis showed us a picture on his phone as we were taxiing to our gate. What was in the picture? Our plane’s engine on fire while we were in the air. A little disconcerting, eh? So happy thought #1 is just that we made it home safe and sound – whew!
  2. We’re in the middle of our second week of Blue Apron! We’ve both decided that while it’s a bit pricey, it’s cheaper than going out to dinner AND we get to spend time cooking together – so for now it’s worth the little splurge. (Which, realistically we’re probably saving money by not going out as much. Win win.) Some sort of review will probably be coming in the near future.
  3. I’ve somehow managed to send way too many things to our old address, including a bunch of pictures from our trip to Disney in August. Apparently the owners returned the package to Shutterfly, and they’ve finally been re-directed to our new house! The shoes that I bought to go with my Halloween costume though? I might not be seeing those for a while. To the thrift store we go!
  4. We just got tickets for Kalamazoo’s Craft Beer festival! Woohoo! Now it’s time to get that gym membership. So much beer!
  5. Dwell and Target are collaborating! Maybe not quite as exciting as the Lilly collaboration, and we aren’t really in the market for new furniture, but it’s all so cool looking! Love love love.


Review: Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer

I’m glad Valentia seems to like me as much as I like their products – it’s easy to review what they send because it’s so hard to find something I don’t like!

I try to use a moisturizer every day, especially after learning my great great Aunt’s secret to pretty amazing skin at 100+ years old was Pond’s cream. That said, I notice that my skin has slightly different requirements as the seasons start to change. Joe and I seem to get out and about more often in the Fall, whether we’re climbing dunes, bar-hopping, or sitting around a bonfire for hours; so I need a moisturizer that can stand up to all of that chilly, blowy air!


The consistency of the moisturizer had me a bit worried at first; it seemed like it would be greasier than I prefer, but it soaked right into my skin and didn’t feel greasy at all, phew. It’s been working well as primer for powder foundation (on the somewhat rare occasion that I use that…) – but I’ve also found myself wearing no foundation at all more frequently! Which I guess isn’t really that crazy for me, but still.



The main ingredients in this moisturizer are:

  • Botanical Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize, support skin elasticity, and plump skin from within.
  • Kojic Acid to control melanin production and prevent dark spots.
  • Ginseng to boost skin firming collagen, fight wrinkles, and give the skin a brighter and more energized look.
  • Safflower Oil that repairs skin’s natural moisture barrier and provides superior skin protection.
  • Shea Butter that infuses skin with a myriad of vitamins and nutrients for superior skin hydration and nourishment.

It should go without saying , but I also like knowing I can feel good about putting Valentia products onto my skin. 🙂

Oh, and did I mention I have a discount code for you!? Use code MRNJMRV3 for 20% off of your purchase on Valentia’s website! I still use the Detox mask at least once a week – definitely my favorite product, but everything is fab <3 (ps, the code expires Nov 11.) Treat yo’self!







Happy Monday – 10/10


  1. Joe and I have 90% of the parts for our costumes ordered/on their way! Minus a bag for me, and a blazer for him. Hmm, what are we going to be!? Any guesses? (No guessing if you already know.)
  2. I have most of my Christmas shopping done. #HumbleBrag. Here’s hoping I am able to keep track of it between now and Christmas – only 11 weeks to go!
  3. A soon-to-be-blogged-about subscription box offered me a pretty awesome discount to try out their subscription box and write up a review…and I’m super excited about it. You should be too! 🙂
  4. The majority of Disney’s Halloween DCOMs are on the Disney Channel Apple TV app! We’ve already started working our way through them, but are keeping the Halloweentown trilogy for closer to the end of the month. (Yes, trilogy. Only the original Marnie counts.)
  5. And lastly, because I feel like we all need something totally unrelated to all of the election shenanigans: Pete Campbell from Mad Men is the new Colonel Sanders. I know. I’m just as confused as you.

Sorry this is a somewhat disjointed post – I think the lack of free time is starting to get to me!


Wanderlust Wednesday – 10/5


Happy Monday 10/3

  1. Perhaps happiest of all this week: I noticed our electricity/gas auto-pay wasn’t set up before anything tragic happened…like everything getting shut off. My bad. But super glad it’s all taken care of now. o_O Merp.
  2. NBC’s fall line-up is on point this year. I’m not usually a ‘laugh-out-loud at the TV’ kind of person, but The Good Place has had me chuckling through 4 episodes so far. A part of that might just be because I love Kristen Bell, but hey. I’ll take what I can get. Thennnn I started This Is Us on a whim after catching up on The Good Place. I had zero expectations, but after 2 episodes I’m hooked for the rest of the season. Bonus? Joe seems to be enjoying it too!
  3. My parents visit was lovely! We fit in just the right amount of stuff without wearing ourselves out too much. Now to reset for our Vermont guests 😀 wheeee!
  4. I’m only allowing myself to buy 2 things for the Fall season – a herringbone vest, and a new pair of black flats. That’s it! Usually I go overboard – some sales are just too good to pass up – but I’m doing my best to have a lot of self control this year (roofs are expensive, y’all.)
  5. 99% sure I’ve figured out my Halloween costume for this year. I’ll be wearing a fancy coat, lots of eyeliner, and a red barrette. Any guesses? Here’s hoping I can find all the parts and pieces over the next few weeks! 😀