Happy (?) Monday – 11/21/16

Oh hi, hello there! It’s been a while. Long time no…type?

I don’t know how mom bloggers do it. We had a kitten for 2 weeks (more on that in a sec) and I (almost) didn’t blog at all. Sheesh.

So – despite the title of this post, it’s really not a happy Monday. I’ve been crying on and off since about 5pm, and we are officially back to a 1 cat household. It’s kind of crazy how quickly a person can get attached to a pet. I just have to keep reminding myself that our kitten (Abby) will be happier in a home without a cat that is hissing and swiping at her at every opportunity. But still; heartbroken.

On to happier things!

  1. We had a visitor (one of my bridesmaids) for part of the weekend, and we had a lovely time. Sometimes you just need a night of puzzles, movies, and catching up on life!
  2. It’s Thanksgiving week! I have jury duty on Wednesday (boooo…) but Joe and I are both looking forward to some much needed time back home. It’s been quite a while since we’ve been back! (Well, ‘quite a while’ compared to the every other weekend thing we had been doing.)
  3. Since it’s Thanksgiving week, there are about 3,048 sales…and I am a sucker for sales. Some of my favorites thusfar: the stationery bundle from Oh Hello Friend, 75% off sale items for Fabletics VIP customers, and 15-75% off everything at MochiThings. All good things. Now I just need to watch Anthro to see if the perfect jumpsuit for riding camels and traipsing around Morocco goes on sale further than it already is.
  4. So many good movies are coming out! We saw Arrival this weekend – still working on wrapping my head around that – plus Fantastic Beasts, Moana, and a few others I’m looking forward to. I need to find more time in my life to see everything!
  5. And now for your happy news of the day (because goodness – we could all use some of that) this Grandma that has an additional guest coming to Thanksgiving dinner. Oh, technology.

Hope everyone’s weeks are off to a stellar start!


Wanderlust Wednesday

This is as political as I’ll get regarding all of the election stuff going on, but I think it’s a pretty fair statement! 

We semi-adopted a kitten on Monday, hence the lack of posts. “Semi” in that Barb has only-cat syndrome (was separated at the shelter, and hisses at strays that walk by outside our house.) So it’s a trial run. And so far it isn’t going so well; despite trying all we can to have a slow, stress free introduction. We’re not losing all hope quite yet, but Barb is just as on edge as she was when we first brought the kitten in. 

I’ll be a little (okay, a lot) heartbroken if we have to bring her back to her foster mom. She is SO calm and happy and snuggly, and I can tell all she wants is to play with Barb through the door. But Barb’s happiness comes first no matter what, so we’ll see what happens. 

Ready for a countdown update?

50 days until we leave for Morocco! Crazy. Lots to prepare before then. Oh, AND today we added in a quick weekend trip to Vermont before Christmas? 

Busy busy, as always. Hope all is well with you! 


Packaging Review: Derma E Rebrand

Yes! You read that right! I actually get to review the new packaging for Derma e, rather than the product this time around! It’s not often that I get to bring my graphic design background into the blog-osphere! I always get super excited when I notice a brand has re-vamped their image (Swiffer, I’m lookin’ at you,) and this is no exception 🙂


You may remember a while back I wrote a review for some Derma e products to help with Joe’s dry skin, and another reviewing their hydrating night creme. Sooo I’m pretty familiar with the products – they’re great! That said…their branding left something to be desired. It didn’t necessarily look like the premium, all natural product I know they are, and with all sorts of creams, washes, and masks on the market, it’s become even more important to differentiate from everything else out there! Good packaging makes a difference, even if you don’t think it’s something you take into consideration when making a decision.

Let’s say I’m trying to decide between two bottles of wine. One bottle is $7.99, the other $10.99 (sorry y’all, we just bought a roof. Cheap wine is where it’s at.) They’re basically exactly the same but I’m drawn to the label of the $10.99 bottle just a bit more! Maybe it’s screen printed on, or maybe it has a cat on it; either way, I’m more likely to buy the one with nicer packaging.


Luckily for derma e, their products are at the same (affordable!!) price point as their competitors, are still ‘eco-ethical’, and now they have SUCH nice packaging to go along with the great products inside the box.


Derma e’s new packaging has already begun to roll-out, and will be in full swing by March 2017. You can find Derma e products at Ulta, Whole Foods, and of course online!


Happy November!

I forgot yet again to create a Wanderlust Wednesday post last week, and missed Monday as well…but here we are on November 1st, so that’s as good a time as any to catch y’all back up on life, right?

Hopefully everyone had a spectacular Halloween…we spent it binge watching Lie to Me and handing out laaaarge handfuls of candy to the 20 or so kids that stopped by. Woo! Anyway, on with my 5 happy things.

  1. It’s November, which means Thanksgiving! This year I’ve decided to spend the entire month writing down things I’m thankful for; and blogger Emily Ley made it super easy with this cute printable! I can’t imagine it’ll be too difficult, though I might be thinking differently by the end of the month. I’ll post updates occasionally 🙂 You should try it too!
  2. Despite the majority of people not knowing who we were dressed up as, I think that Joe and I kicked some major costume butt this year. If you haven’t seen The Royal Tenenbaums, I highly recommend it! It’s been one of my favorites since I watched it in film class my Senior year of high school. Barb also dressed up  multiple times over the weekend, both as a taco and a peacock.
  3. It is 77 degrees right now, and while I feel sad for the polar bears and other animals who have melting homes, I’m going to embrace the warm weather as long as possible! (Especially since everything I’ve read says we’re in for a nasty winter. I really dislike being cold.)
  4. The vodka company I freelance for officially is in stores (in Michigan) as of Oct 31! It’s been a long time coming, and I have no idea which stores it can actually be found in, but I’m excited nonetheless. I had fun with Boomerang for the two Halloween social media posts, heh.
  5. Since I started with a link…kind of, I’m going to finish with one more tidbit of Claire-goodness. We finally booked somewhere to stay during our 14 hour layover in Frankfurt! We found an Airbnb 1 train stop away from the airport. An apartment in a neighborhood is much more exciting (and cheaper!) than the airport hotel. The owners also speak like 8 languages, which is crazy impressive.