Wanderlust Wednesday – 12/21

Getting your flight home cancelled? Sucks. Getting stuck in Atlanta for 20 hours? Sucks. Missing a day of work? Also sucks. BUUUUT, there were also a lot of things that didn’t suck about our unplanned 36 hour trip back to Kalamazoo from Vermont, and I wrote them all down! Gotta stay positive 🙂

1. You don’t feel as bad about spending way too much money on wine from the airport wine bar.
2. You get to see things like Sunday night African weddings, and end up having a view into the banquet hall from your hotel room. That sounds creepy.
3. Sleeping in on a work day!
4. Soup paid for by the hotel bartender. Some people get free drinks, I got free chicken noodle soup. I’ll take it.
5. The hotel shuttle driver singing along (rather poorly) to Pat Benetar and AC/DC.
6. The Delta Sky Lounge lady in ATL letting us into the lounge despite me forgetting my AmEx – I must have had quite the look of desperation in my eyes. (We had a 5 hour wait…)
7. Free spring rolls from PF Chang’s in Detroit. Must have been that look of desperation again.
8. The Detroit Delta agent bringing out snacks after yet another delay.
9. 3 year old Annabelle. A sleep-deprived toddler can provide lots of entertainment (including shouting “I pooped!” right before take-off.)
10. Barb not dying after fishing out and consuming a Cookies and Cream Hershey Kiss.

Now Joe and I just have to work on condensing 4 nights of ‘to-dos’ into 3 and give Barb some extra lovin’ before we head back to Detroit for Christmas! Whee! (And I still need to do a post for the last 10 Bachelor girls. Whoops.)

PS. A week and a day until we leave for Morocco. What!?

2 thoughts on “Wanderlust Wednesday – 12/21

  1. Did you stay at the “new” Delta Sky Lounge in Atlanta? There are several Delta Sky Lounges in Atlanta, but if you are going to be there for a while, it is well worth going to the new one.

    1. Hmm good question! We were in the T terminal if that means anything. It was definitely worth it for such a long layover – it was kind of fun watching everything going on out on the tarmac while we waited!

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