Bachelor Casting – pt. 1

Guys guys guys, the casting list for the upcoming season of The Bachelor was posted today! I thought it would be fun to write up a blog post as I read through the list of  this season’s cast. But I also have things to do, so I’m going to do it in a couple of chunks. Here are the first 8 of 30! (30!? That’s more than usual. There is also more diversity in the group this year – way to go, Bachelor franchise!) And before you judge (though I’m sure some of you already are…and that’s okay,) I am fully aware of how awful this show is. Just go with it, okay? 🙂

Alexis. Her occupation is listed as ‘Aspiring Dolphin Trainer.’ Welp. Starting this season off with a bang. Also, she’s 23. I’m officially of the age where I’m older than most reality TV stars. Well, maybe with the exception of some cooking shows. There’s still a chance! She can’t live without her fake eyelashes? Where do they find these people? I can say with confidence that I’ve never used fake eyelashes in my 26 years of life and I’ve turned out just fine.

Angela. Okay so far I’m sensing a theme. If she could be any animal, she would be a dolphin. I didn’t mention it, but Alexis said she’d like to be a dolphin too. I mean, I get it. Dolphins are pretty cool, I’m just surprised there were two dolphin lovers in a row is all. If she never had to drive herself anywhere, she’d be very happy. I feel ya, Angela. That’s why you’ve gotta find a hubby who likes to drive! Huh. And she licks the popcorn bag. I can’t say I’ve done that, but I imagine it would taste like popcorn butter. I’ll take it. I like you, Angela.

Astrid. Okay first off, Astrid, you’ve got a cool name. Her bio says she’s 5’7.5″ – obviously that half inch is very important to her! Annnd ohmygod we have another girl that wants to be a dolphin. Her reasoning is the best so far too, (and by best, I mean probably the worst…) “so I could rescue lost sailors and swim in the ocean doing tricks.” Do dolphins even rescue sailors? Maybe she’s thinking of mermaids, and by rescue she means drag down to the bottom of the ocean. Maybe. Annnd she can’t live without her ‘lashes’ either. Are dolphins and fake eyelashes the new Pumpkin Spice Latte/leggings and ugg boots or something? Geez. Nexxxxt.

Briana. It might just be because I’ve been listening to the Moana soundtrack for a couple of days straight, but I’m now replacing the name Moana with Briana in my head. Briana, make way make way…Briana it’s time you knew – the village of Motunui is all you neeeeed…. Okay sorry. Back on topic. Briana has nice arms. It also kind of looks like this was the 426th photo the Bachelor team took, and she was kind of forcing this smile. NO FREAKIN WAY. She also wants to be a dolphin. They must have all gotten together and discussed their animal of choice. Another trend is answering the fictional character question as wanting to be Ariel/the Little Mermaid. I don’t get it.

Brittany. Okay I actually don’t even have anything amusing to say about Brittany. I think I’d be friends with her. She seems too normal for the Bachelor franchise, which means either a) she won’t last long or b) she has a crazy side that doesn’t really show in a short questionnaire. Time will tell.

Christen. Huh. She’s a wedding videographer. That job sounds way too stressful. And she has “the life of Jesus in symbols” as a tattoo on her wrist. I can’t even comprehend what that would look like. I imagine we’ll see it on-screen at some point. Lol. She would break into the White House and observe from a storage closet if she could get away with it. I have a feeling that would actually get quite boring. OH thank goodness. A break in the dolphin trend. She’d like to be a wild mustang! You seem alright, Christen.

Corrine. I feel like if I wrote YA fiction, the snobby girl in my book would be named Corrine. I’m not quite sure why. Let’s see if my preconceived notions of the name match up with her answers! ..annnd surprisingly nothing really stuck out to me. She would be a cheetah, so at least we’re continuing the downward swing of dolphins? She also owns her own (online) business, so that’s pretty cool. Unless she just sells ItWorks! or LulaRoe or whatever. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

Danielle. She has a butterfly tattoo on the back of each ankle. Wouldn’t that hurt? Why 2? Why butterflies? So many unanswered questions. Her reasoning for wanting to be a fox is pretty on point; “they are responsive, sometimes cunning and adaptive.” I like it. Annnd I just choked on my water from chortling. Do people actually use the word chortle? Anyway, the most outrageous thing she’s done…”I climbed up on a cliff and swung from a rope on top of a waterfall jumping into the water. The sign said “Locals Only,” but we did it anyways.” That ending. I can’t even.

I’m going to aim to have another chunk up tonight, but no promises.




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Happy November!

I forgot yet again to create a Wanderlust Wednesday post last week, and missed Monday as well…but here we are on November 1st, so that’s as good a time as any to catch y’all back up on life, right?

Hopefully everyone had a spectacular Halloween…we spent it binge watching Lie to Me and handing out laaaarge handfuls of candy to the 20 or so kids that stopped by. Woo! Anyway, on with my 5 happy things.

  1. It’s November, which means Thanksgiving! This year I’ve decided to spend the entire month writing down things I’m thankful for; and blogger Emily Ley made it super easy with this cute printable! I can’t imagine it’ll be too difficult, though I might be thinking differently by the end of the month. I’ll post updates occasionally 🙂 You should try it too!
  2. Despite the majority of people not knowing who we were dressed up as, I think that Joe and I kicked some major costume butt this year. If you haven’t seen The Royal Tenenbaums, I highly recommend it! It’s been one of my favorites since I watched it in film class my Senior year of high school. Barb also dressed up  multiple times over the weekend, both as a taco and a peacock.
  3. It is 77 degrees right now, and while I feel sad for the polar bears and other animals who have melting homes, I’m going to embrace the warm weather as long as possible! (Especially since everything I’ve read says we’re in for a nasty winter. I really dislike being cold.)
  4. The vodka company I freelance for officially is in stores (in Michigan) as of Oct 31! It’s been a long time coming, and I have no idea which stores it can actually be found in, but I’m excited nonetheless. I had fun with Boomerang for the two Halloween social media posts, heh.
  5. Since I started with a link…kind of, I’m going to finish with one more tidbit of Claire-goodness. We finally booked somewhere to stay during our 14 hour layover in Frankfurt! We found an Airbnb 1 train stop away from the airport. An apartment in a neighborhood is much more exciting (and cheaper!) than the airport hotel. The owners also speak like 8 languages, which is crazy impressive.


Work Hard, Barre Harder

…or in my case lately, barre not at all.

Other than visiting PBGP every chance I get, I haven’t stepped foot in my studio here in Kzoo in over 2 months. Between buying a house, moving, freelancing, starting some home improvement projects, and then getting brought onto a time-intensive project at work, any free time I have is spent sitting on the couch doing as little as humanly possible. And I’m not happy about it.


But as I was thinking about what to write for this post, I realized (with Joe’s help) that I’d been incorporating some Barre movements into my every day life without even thinking about it!

Calf raises while waiting for food to heat up.


Plank pulses while setting tile.


Tucks while stopped at red lights. (This one doesn’t get a GIF. Too awkward.)

And I’m sure there are so many other things I do without even thinking about it that are helping keep my body toned while on this unintentional Barre-hiatus. In fact, I’m pretty sure my twice-daily bout of sneezing is equivalent to at least a 35 second plank 😉

And more calf raises.


Really though, I find myself doing calf raises ALL the time. Waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting for a conference room to open up at work, waiting for a table at a restaurant…basically any time I’m waiting for anything.

That said…nothing beats that hour to myself in the studio. If I was able to find time to go to PBGP during senior year finals, while planning a wedding, and preparing for a trip to Paris – I can find time now. Heck, my body and brain could especially use that hour when I’m feeling overwhelmed with everything else going on.


Plus, lets be real. Living in a city that’s known for its beer could turn into a real problem. Real fast.


So what’s the point of this post? Other than me rambling/convincing myself it’s time to go back to Bent 9. That it’s easy to incorporate small bits of exercise into your daily life? Maybe. Or maybe that we should be more mindful of the importance of that hour to yourself, for yourself. Maybe it’s not an hour. Maybe you practice yoga instead of barre.

You decide 🙂

Muchas gracias to SimplyWorkout for the Barre Vibes tank and ombré sticky socks seen in this post. If you haven’t checked out their website or Instagram, you’re missing out on some great stuff!


iOS 10 Sticker Fun

So I’ve had iOS 10 since July, but with the official release came a bunch of stickers to use within messages…and needless to say, I’ve been enjoying them to their fullest extent. Sure, maybe it’s overkill, but LOOK HOW CUTE.2699dcc2e3e49aec6f871e811b8eb9af-sticker 72853cacce2c6a99fb12082f63f3960d-sticker-2

Okay so maybe spending $2 for a “Disney Cats & Dogs” sticker pack is a little much. That said, I’ve gotten more enjoyment out of my phone in the last 12 hours than in a while. Totally worth it.


But really! Think of all the awkward situations that you can now get out of with the help of an Elmo shrug GIF or cute kitty! 😉 Anyone else having fun with the stickers yet?


Lilly After Party Sale – WHYYY.


So sad. I got through on my drive to work, added basically everything I wanted to my cart in the Lowe’s parking lot…and then this happened. Now I’m 55,121st in line. Grumble.


I’ll catch up on regularly scheduled blogging soon, but in the meantime…did anyone else notice these guys watching the Men’s All-Around Gymnastics finals? Hah.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 3.35.48 PM

Just me? Well in that case, you’re welcome for bringing them to your attention 😉 Signature


Does anyone else find it ironic/somewhat comical that I possibly gave myself a concussion on the day I was switched from my mom’s good insurance to my own that only covers ‘catastrophic events?’ No? Just me?



(The door frame leading to our upstairs is much lower than we’re used to. Joe and I have both bonked our heads on it a handful of times, but I hit my head extra hard last night and have some symptoms of a concussion this morning. Fun!)


Now let’s just hope I feel better by Friday! I’m sure I will.

Also, can we talk for a second about Jojo’s poor decision last night on the Bachelorette finale? Whyyyy, Jojo, whyyy?!

Shout-out to the Disney GIF app for existing.

ps. Yes, friends and family – if my head still hurts when I wake up tomorrow, I’ll go get checked out.


I need some (Vökin) help!

Alright y’all – as much as I appreciate my parents liking every picture I post on my freelance job’s social media accounts, I need your help getting the start-up distillery (Vökin Vodka) a bit more of a following on their Facebook and Instagram. (Just click those links and like or follow!) If you do you will get to see all sorts of fancy photos and drink recipes made by yours truly 😉

Vodka Superstition Cocktail

Green Flag Spritzer

Vodka Thyme Lemonade

Plus the FB page (or website!) will probably host a handful of giveaways in the near future – and you wouldn’t want to miss out on those, would ya?!

do ya?!

Anyway, let me know in the comments if you’ve followed, and I’ll love you forever…and maybe even more if you share the links with your friends 🙂


Bachelorette Jojo – Bracket!

It’s Bachelorette day! Did you think I’d forget to post the bracket file?! (Well, you would have been correct, I did almost forget.) I adjusted it a bit from my Bachelor Ben bracket for the sake of clarity and to make it a little more fun – let me know if you print one off/fill it out – we can compare notes 🙂

Bachelorette Bracket - Jojo


Here is a link to a PDF download if that’s any easier 🙂

Also, I forgot Coley, Daniel, and Derek in the list at the top. My bad.


Trend Watch: Summer!

Me, trendy? Just maybe.

I realized I’ve been feeling pretty strongly about two different trends as we slowly move towards summer/warm weather. One I’m loving, and the other…I’m just not so sure why anyone ever thought it was a good idea at all whatsoever.

The Good

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.47.44 PM 2758_9054_410_l1

Oh my goodness. I cannot get enough of the high-neckline trend that’s floating around the internet. There’s a very good possibility that my obsession/appreciation has to do with how badly I’ve burned my chest over the past 10 or so years…but hey, whatever works – right? I’ve purchased both of these bikinis – the neon yellow one from Fabletics, and the navy one from American Eagle…and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day that it’s warm enough to wear them! Darn Michigan weather. Luckily one of Joe’s coworkers has a pool, and our boat should be at the Yacht Club sometime within the next week or so, providing ample opportunities for donning a new bikini this summer. Woohoo!

I also got this sports bra from Lou & Grey…but I don’t think my tummy is quite toned enough to wear it without a tank. Living in beer-central does have its downfalls, believe it or not. 😉

The Bad

Horrible? Mind-boggling? Whatever adjective you prefer, I simply do not understand why open-shoulder tops are a thing. Who thought these were a good idea?! They should be fired from the fashion world.

3204821_fpx-1 dc75e6da578ffc635a3503d0eb4076d5 Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.04.47 PM

Just…no. I feel like Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada when one of these tops crosses my path. I literally can’t even.



And with that…here ends my first foray into the world of fashion blogging. 😉