And this, my friends, is why you read Amazon reviews.

So I saved my kitty’s life today, what have you accomplished?

One of the specials Amazon had on Prime Day was a set of 3 calming cat collars, which I thought would perfect for our upcoming move. Something to keep Barb from stressing about being in a new house? Sign us up!

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 5.21.42 PM

I decided to leave work early today to do some cleaning/packing, and figured it would be the perfect time to test out a collar to see how Barb would react. Welp, about 30 minutes and 3 totes full of shoes later, Barb was flopping around on the ground and making a noise I had never heard before. She may be a weirdo, but I knew that wasn’t a normal thing. The collar managed to get stuck between her jaw and the back of her neck, causing her to choke herself as she tried to ‘fix’ the situation. Not good.

There's a reason I'm not an illustrator :P
There’s a reason I’m not an illustrator 😛

Thankfully after lots panicked, scratch-filled wrestling to try and get a hand on the collar (without hurting Barb even more,) I managed to cut the collar off. Luckily Barb seems to have gotten out of the ordeal injury-free, but I wasn’t quite so lucky. Other than the bazillion scratches, I was shaking so badly – it was a scary situation!

kitty paws
Her paws had quite a bit of my blood on them at the end of it. Lovely.
Booooo, collar.

After a fairly thorough check to be sure that Barb didn’t need to go directly to the Vet, I decided to go to Amazon to see if anyone else had similar issues. Sadly what I found was a slew of one-star reviews describing exactly what I had experienced, and in many cases much worse.

From Amazon:

Poor kitties.

Needless to say – Barb will be getting lots of extra lovin’ this weekend, and I will absolutely be reading more than the first 3 Amazon reviews before buying anything else! While I wasn’t planning to spend the evening slathered in Neosporin, I’ll take this over the Vet any day. Plus I just discovered Ellen on our Apple TV which is awfully amusing. (Yes mom, you’re reading that correctly.)

Hopefully your Friday night is a bit calmer than mine has been so far, and happy weekend!


Review: March PurrPacks Subscription Box

After I posted my KitNip review, someone from PurrPacks contacted me asking if I would like to review their box: no extra goodies, no personalization for what Barb likes/doesn’t like (which, to be honest we’re still learning anyways) – just their ‘base model’ box sent for me in exchange for an honest review! Of course I jumped right on the offer, hoping that not every box for cats would be as underwhelming – I thought a comparison of the two could be interesting!

And holy moley. All of the disappointment I experienced with the KitNip box has been surpassed, exceeded, and any other words you can think of that mean I was blown away when our PurrPack box arrived yesterday! While Barb’s name wasn’t written on the front of the box like I’ve seen in other reviewer’s posts, everything on the inside made up for it, and Barb wholeheartedly agrees 😉 (with a couple of small exceptions, but cats are picky – you can’t win ’em all!)

it's like she knew there would be all sorts of goodies inside!
it’s like she knew there would be all sorts of goodies inside!

The second I opened the box, Barb was at my side, curious about what treasures were hidden in the box full of green crinkly paper, and before I could even get a picture, she had taken a toy out and was furiously batting it around our living room. Shortly after getting that first toy out, all but 1 had been taken out of the box (not by me!) and played with.

FullSizeRender-1Hooray for immediate success!

Even though we currently have enough treats to probably survive an apocalypse, I was excited to see more in the box – especially the “Meowgarita” treats…maybe just because that name is so great. Sadly, Barb wants absolutely nothing to do with these treats – I tried everything I could think of to get her to do more than sniff one and walk away, but like I said – you can’t win ’em all.


There was also a laser pointer in the box, which Joe and I had been contemplating buying since January…and oh my gosh it is the best thing ever. Barb is obsessed with it, and it’s a great way to get her worn out before bed! All hail the laser pointer! The other toys (and Greenies treats) were also all big hits, though I’m not sure Barb quite knows what to do with the light-up, noise making mouse in the rubber ball – not yet at least 😉

Oh! And! There’s a scratcher in the bottom of every box! Barb doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of the scratcher we got her (it kind of looks like that but is blue and smaller) but she’s been scratching away at the one from the box a few times – it hasn’t even been 24 hours, so that’s lovely.


Final Thoughts:

I know some subscription box reviewers add up the value of the box compared to what the box actually costs, but personally I just care about whether I feel it’s worth it. Something could cost $50, but if it’s not something I need/want/use/enjoy, the value isn’t there for me! This box costs $24.99 a month – and while I think that’s still a little steep for a box o’ cat toys, I do think this box is worth it! The value is there, Barb loves practically everything (I’m going to try to get her to try a Meowgarita. I just can’t get over how great that name is,) and the box had things in it that we wouldn’t have necessarily picked out at a pet store for her! Doesn’t get much better than that.

Thanks so much, PurrPacks!


It’s Monday, Be Happy!

Welp, I was 30 minutes late for work today because the one road that leads to work was closed, and I don’t know the area well enough yet to figure out a good detour. It was a bit tragic. But hey, I’ve got lots of other things going for me! Let’s start off with the best news of the day:

  1. I can actually look at flights to Marrakech for the time we would be traveling (instead of a few weeks before.) Unfortunately this doesn’t mean finding a good flight is any easier. We always fly Delta, but Delta only flies in to Casablanca, meaning we’d have to take a local flight to Marrakech…which I’d like to avoid. Lufthansa has a flight to Marrakech, but it only shows up on Expedia, not through their website…and again, I’d really like to get Delta miles if at all possible…which may result in a Delta flight to Europe, and Lufthansa flight to Marrakech. I need to spend some time figuring that out. I texted my dad this morning for backup (bringing in the big guns)…he’s the official Dossin family trip planner, so he might have some helpful insight. I’m also not sure he was aware that Joe and I were tossing around the idea of a New Year’s trip to Morocco…so, surprise, Dad!
  2. Barb has almost completely stopped meowing at our door! I have a feeling that’ll change when we leave her for the weekend (next weekend) but hey, uninterrupted sleep is great. Her ear drop medication is also almost done — she’s starting to realize that when I give her like 3 treats in a row with something hidden in my other hand that something is up. Only 2 more days!
  3. Joe and his friend(s? tbd) are going skiing in Canada this upcoming weekend, and I’ve taken that opportunity to book myself a 90 minute massage! It’s much, much needed, since I feel like something is screwed up in my shoulder/neck any time I put anything on over my head that’s even remotely fitted (yeah, that’s fun.) Anyway, I’m excited.
  4. I have a lunch meeting today with Jimmy John’s being provided. I always get the Slim 6 with no Capicola (so yes, just bread, salami, and cheese) but today I’m completely switching it up, and going with the #12 Beach Club. IIIIIIII know, it’s a big deal. Crazy things happening over here in Kalamazoo.
  5. I know I wrote about this yesterday, but I got two more pairs of the comfiest leggings in the world, and I’m just super excited about it. I’m also excited about the greeting cards I ordered from The Detroit Card Co. They’re having a grab bag sale, and I was on that like….shoot. I can’t think of that phrase. White! Like white on rice. Yes I was.


I hope everyone’s weeks are off to a fantastic start, happy Monday!!


Review: KitNip Box

Joe gets the FiveFourClub subscription box, I get Birchbox…so we thought it was only right that Barb got a monthly subscription box of her own, right?


Wellllll, maybe not. I was super excited to try KitNip Box, because despite the fact that our house is already full of cat toys and treats, new things are always fun and I’ve seen lots of good things come from BarkBoxes (the equivalent for dogs.) So when it arrived – the day we were taking Barb to the vet for a whole slew of uncomfortable things – I was glad we’d have fun things for her to look forward to playing with when we got home! Except…that wasn’t really the case. I did get this box at a discount, but I gotta say, I’d be super disappointed paying full price for what was in the box:

  • all natural cat treats (which we’ve tried a few varieties of, and Barb just doesn’t like them)
  • catnip (okay that’s fine, even though we just bought some)
  • a yoga cats mini calendar (no real use for it, sadly)
  • strawberry toy on a string
  • bandaid (?) toy (what.)


That’s all. $20 for things you could probably get for $10-$12 at any given pet store/Target. Luckily Barb loved the Band-Aid toy (though I’m still a bit confused as to why a felt band-aid was in the box in the first place,) but I paid less than that for a whole slew of adorable Star Wars toys that she loves just as much. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What can I say? I like feeling as though I’ve gotten my money’s worth!

If you have money you want to spend on your kitty, and are interested in what was in this box (I think I’d be a little less disappointed if Joe and I hadn’t JUST bought catnip the previous night, or if Barb liked the all-natural/moist treats….) you can use this code to get 15% off your first box: WOC15 

After the mild disappointment of the KitNip Box, I started looking at other monthly boxes aimed at cats, thinking maybe I’d do a comparison to see which is best…but they just all seemed far too expensive for what you were getting. We’ll just stick with being a two-subscription box family, and pick up cute toys as we see them – sorry, Barb! (Though I’ve now done one month of Club W, and wouldn’t mind continuing that box..but that’s a blog post for another time.)

Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr.

Hopefully everyone is having a fantastic Valentine’s Day! I know mine has been perfect so far!!


Meet Barb!


Barbra Streisand.


Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Barbra Ann.

Or Barbie if you wish, but I think I reject that. She’s not a Barbie. There are so many better options; Barbecue and Barbra Streisand being personal favorites.

If you follow me on basically ANY form of social media (Snapchat followers got the brunt of it this past weekend,) you’ve probably learned by now that we rescued a 1 year old kitty named Barb (yes, we’re keeping her name) from the shelter on Saturday and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve both already determined that while we’d be significantly more tired, a baby would probably be easier than introducing a cat to a new house. She flip flops between being incredibly mischievous and “omg wait I’ve actually suddenly decided that thing is terrifying,” but I suppose that’s to be expected.

Trying to get into our bedroom. She’s been successful twice when we didn’t close the door quite fast enough.
Felted catnip wine bottles are her current toy-of-choice.

Barb was 4 months pregnant when she was found outside and brought to the shelter on Halloween of 2015, so obviously we’re making up for her not so great start to life by spoiling the crap out of her! 🙂 So many toys, nose boops, probably too many treats, and as many pets as she can handle.

She’s scared of the TV (but slowly coming around with help from catnip and treats,) is really interested in going basically anywhere we don’t want her to go (our bedroom and the basement,) and pretty much flat out refuses to wear her super cute “Jedi in Training” collar, which she manages to chew off within 1 minute of us putting it on, without fail. She’s not a biter, and basically only takes her claws out to play with toys or knead a rug….though she did stick 3 claws directly into my underboob on Sunday. Joe said I made a very unique sound when it happened. It hurt.

Joe's been calling her a "pointer kitty" - she likes sitting with one paw up in the air.
Joe’s been calling her a “pointer kitty” – she likes sitting with one paw up in the air.

Anyway, she’s also recently discovered she can jump up onto the credenza (with some vintage German bar-ware, and a precariously stacked set of Uncle Goose blocks,) and that if she reaches her paw in just right, she can touch Poppy. Apparently Poppy’s spikes aren’t particularly threatening. We got a spray bottle at Target last night to try to avoid such mishaps.

I'm obsessed with this picture.
I’m obsessed with this picture.

When we aren’t home, she has full run of the spare room…we feel bad sectioning her off for now, but she gets lots of lovin’ when we’re around, and she has everything she needs – including a window looking right out at a bird feeder. Pretty good (temporary) set-up, I’d say.

We gave her free, unsupervised roam of the house for 10 minutes (Joe was going to trivia, I was coming home from Bent 9) and of course she decides to just chill in front of the TV she's scared of. Sigh.
We gave her free, unsupervised roam of the house for 10 minutes (Joe was going to trivia, I was coming home from Bent 9) and of course she decides to just chill in front of the TV she’s scared of. Sigh.

Since I began writing this post (Monday afternoon) she’s gotten more and more comfortable with everything…the TV isn’t quite as scary anymore, and her feline tendencies are revealing themselves – poor BB-8 on a stick has already seen better days. We’ll probably fully kitty-proof the rest of our house by this weekend (see ya in a while, fancy German barware) – I think she’s begun going a little stir-crazy in the spare room/needs more space!

I had an early morning. She was making all sorts of noises.
I had an early morning. She was making all sorts of noises.

So…that’s Barb! Joe and I are both totally in love with her – crazy antics and all. I also think it should be mentioned that I’ve had Barbra Streisand by Duck Sauce stuck in my head since Saturday.




Bonus "me after 5 seconds in the kitty room" photo. Pure joy.
Bonus “me after 5 seconds in the kitty room” photo. Pure joy.