The Adventures of Barb Cat

In case you missed it, we are now back down to a one pet household; Poppy passed away after a long and lovely life (really though, hedgies are supposed to live 2-5 years, she was 7.) Barb and Poppy never really interacted, but I imagine Barb is happy being a single child again. ALL the attention, and ALL the toys and treats.

We got her a new toy a bit ago, and she loved it to death within 48 hours. Poor monarch butterfly. BUT LOOK HOW CUTE SHE IS. And how much fun she’s having. I definitely took way too many videos, but seriously it’s so amusing.

Anyway. Long intro short, we love Barb. So when I was given the opportunity to try out a cat backpack from Pet Magasin, I was more than thrilled. Barb loves being outside, but would totally bolt and disappear forever if we let her out on her own. Now, I’d be lying if I said anything along the lines of “BARB LOVES THE BACKPACK AND WE GO ON HIKES ALL THE TIME” much as I’d love for that to be the case, Barb isn’t a fan of being confined in tight spaces.

Photo taken from Amazon

That said, we have gone on a few backyard backpack adventures, plus a trip to the vet where everyone in the office was loving Barb’s fancy new mode of transportation. So much better than a little cat carrier. The backpack has pop-out windows on the side (you can see them in the photo below) plus a few pockets to carry whatever you may need (mine has cat treats and a couple of toys) and can be carried on it’s side if necessary too. It also has a collar clip-in to avoid escapees, and while Barb is anti-collar, I imagine it’s a super useful thing for many other people.

Did you know that taking photos of a cat that doesn’t stay still is just about impossible? #Lambothecarrier

The backpack is pretty large – great for the animals, but a bit cumbersome on my small frame. My only real complaint about the bag is that the zippers aren’t as smooth as I’d like them to be, but just a minor detail when I have a carrier Barb doesn’t hate 🙂

Thanks so much to Pet Magasin for the opportunity to take Barb on more adventures! You can find the backpack on Pet Magasin’s website, or on Amazon.

Happy (?) Monday – 11/21/16

Oh hi, hello there! It’s been a while. Long time no…type?

I don’t know how mom bloggers do it. We had a kitten for 2 weeks (more on that in a sec) and I (almost) didn’t blog at all. Sheesh.

So – despite the title of this post, it’s really not a happy Monday. I’ve been crying on and off since about 5pm, and we are officially back to a 1 cat household. It’s kind of crazy how quickly a person can get attached to a pet. I just have to keep reminding myself that our kitten (Abby) will be happier in a home without a cat that is hissing and swiping at her at every opportunity. But still; heartbroken.

On to happier things!

  1. We had a visitor (one of my bridesmaids) for part of the weekend, and we had a lovely time. Sometimes you just need a night of puzzles, movies, and catching up on life!
  2. It’s Thanksgiving week! I have jury duty on Wednesday (boooo…) but Joe and I are both looking forward to some much needed time back home. It’s been quite a while since we’ve been back! (Well, ‘quite a while’ compared to the every other weekend thing we had been doing.)
  3. Since it’s Thanksgiving week, there are about 3,048 sales…and I am a sucker for sales. Some of my favorites thusfar: the stationery bundle from Oh Hello Friend, 75% off sale items for Fabletics VIP customers, and 15-75% off everything at MochiThings. All good things. Now I just need to watch Anthro to see if the perfect jumpsuit for riding camels and traipsing around Morocco goes on sale further than it already is.
  4. So many good movies are coming out! We saw Arrival this weekend – still working on wrapping my head around that – plus Fantastic Beasts, Moana, and a few others I’m looking forward to. I need to find more time in my life to see everything!
  5. And now for your happy news of the day (because goodness – we could all use some of that) this Grandma that has an additional guest coming to Thanksgiving dinner. Oh, technology.

Hope everyone’s weeks are off to a stellar start!


And this, my friends, is why you read Amazon reviews.

So I saved my kitty’s life today, what have you accomplished?

One of the specials Amazon had on Prime Day was a set of 3 calming cat collars, which I thought would perfect for our upcoming move. Something to keep Barb from stressing about being in a new house? Sign us up!

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 5.21.42 PM

I decided to leave work early today to do some cleaning/packing, and figured it would be the perfect time to test out a collar to see how Barb would react. Welp, about 30 minutes and 3 totes full of shoes later, Barb was flopping around on the ground and making a noise I had never heard before. She may be a weirdo, but I knew that wasn’t a normal thing. The collar managed to get stuck between her jaw and the back of her neck, causing her to choke herself as she tried to ‘fix’ the situation. Not good.

There's a reason I'm not an illustrator :P
There’s a reason I’m not an illustrator 😛

Thankfully after lots panicked, scratch-filled wrestling to try and get a hand on the collar (without hurting Barb even more,) I managed to cut the collar off. Luckily Barb seems to have gotten out of the ordeal injury-free, but I wasn’t quite so lucky. Other than the bazillion scratches, I was shaking so badly – it was a scary situation!

kitty paws
Her paws had quite a bit of my blood on them at the end of it. Lovely.
Booooo, collar.

After a fairly thorough check to be sure that Barb didn’t need to go directly to the Vet, I decided to go to Amazon to see if anyone else had similar issues. Sadly what I found was a slew of one-star reviews describing exactly what I had experienced, and in many cases much worse.

From Amazon:

Poor kitties.

Needless to say – Barb will be getting lots of extra lovin’ this weekend, and I will absolutely be reading more than the first 3 Amazon reviews before buying anything else! While I wasn’t planning to spend the evening slathered in Neosporin, I’ll take this over the Vet any day. Plus I just discovered Ellen on our Apple TV which is awfully amusing. (Yes mom, you’re reading that correctly.)

Hopefully your Friday night is a bit calmer than mine has been so far, and happy weekend!


Happy Monday!

Long weekends are the best…until you realize that you either a) have to miss the fireworks at the Yacht Club tonight or b) won’t get home until 1-1:30 am if you stay. Leaving before the fireworks would probably be the sensible thing to do, but we’ll have such a good view from the boat this year! Maybe being sleepy at work tomorrow isn’t the worst thing.

"The choices are yours, and yours alone..."
“The choices are yours, and yours alone…” Does Olmec look like he’s had a stroke to anyone else? …Bueller? 

Anywho, it’s been an awesomely relaxing weekend – much needed if you ask me!

  1. I got to go to Pure Barre on Saturday morning and I’m still sore. Every time I’m back, the idea of opening a PB franchise in Kalamazoo sounds better and better, until I realize that I probably don’t need *another* business-type venture on my plate. That reminds me though; this article from the WSJ was super interesting.
  2. Joe and I get to run our inflatable 5k this Saturday!  (and then rush back to Detroit for a wedding shower…and it’s also my bday woop woop!) Here’s hoping the fact that neither of us have run since 2012 doesn’t end up biting us in the butt.
  3. I finished 2 books between Saturday and Sunday – a total of 624 pages read. Whew! I enjoyed both books quite a lot; Beer Money and No Baggage – both non-fiction, and on completely opposite ends of the spectrum, but both very good! Today will be spent reading celebrity gossip magazines though…or maybe a book about the Vanderbilt family; we shall see.
  4. My sister is off exploring Scandinavia for the next 2 weeks, so I’ll be living vicariously through her pictures/Snapchat story. Her booking that trip is what convinced me and Joe to book our Morocco trip – yay for a family that likes to travel.
  5. Thankful for a kitty that is relatively self-sufficient on weekends; we don’t come home to torn up furniture, poop in our shoes, or gifts of puke in undisclosed locations, and she’s happy as a clam when we come home. A very loud, constantly meowing clam, but a happy one nonetheless. I saw this video on Facebook earlier this week, and cannot get over the similarities to Barb – both in looks and personality – but we love her anyway 🙂

And now…off to the boat for the remainder of the day we go! Happy Fourth of July!


Happy Monday!

  1. Joe went to our house’s inspection today, and other than a roof issue that is WAY bigger than the seller’s agent let on – it looks like the house is as good as we could have hoped for. Now we just have to cross our fingers that the owners are cool with dealing with the issues. Merp.
  2. Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars is on Netflix – woop woop! Definitely a welcome distraction to the craziness going on in our lives right now.
  3. If all goes according to plan (aka our mortgage guy doesn’t strangle us before then for trying to make two large purchases in less than a month) I’ll have a new car on Friday! Woohoo!
  4. We went to the zoo yesterday! It was fun.
  5. When we thought we were staying put in our current house for another year, I bought a hammock to enjoy the summer – and despite plans completely changing, the hammock was still definitely one of my best decisions ever.

Life is crazy right now, and while I’d like to say I wouldn’t have it any other way, I really can’t wait for things to calm down 🙂


Happy Monday!

Today started off as any Monday should – Joe sat up to turn off his alarm just as I was getting up to flip around and go back to sleep when my nose bonked into his face hard. Almost 5 hours later and it still hurts – so that’s fun. But that’s okay because other than that, life is pretty darn good!

  1. We had an amazing long weekend up north for a wedding – everything was perfect, and that’s really all there is to say about it!
  2. After learning Thursday afternoon that the owners of the house we’re renting might be putting it up on the market (causing a mini panic attack, forgetting to pack a lot of things as a result…) all of the stars aligned, and on Friday we were able to put another offer in on the house we fell in love with a month ago. Barring loan things and agreeing on a close date, things are looking good. Of course this all happened a week after we decided to put everything on hold. Life is never boring over here.
  3. We stopped for some plant life and a hanging basket on our way home yesterday – hopefully we can keep them alive long enough to (hopefully) plant them at our new house? I’m trying not to get ahead of myself, I really am.
  4. I love everything that came in my most recent Le Tote which just makes me happy. Hooray for an ever-changing wardrobe of cute clothes 🙂
  5. Barb survived 2 3 day weekends in a row all by her lonesome! She’s been a bit of a stinker since we got home yesterday, perhaps because I closed up (and hid) the jar of treats that the appraiser left open all weekend….Barb ate probably 150-300 treats while we were gone. I wish I was kidding. Note to self: put a sticky note on the jar saying “do not give to cat” if we have people walking through before we peace out. (The handyman for our property sprinkled a very large handful (or 12) when he was here “fixing” the door. Gosh, I can’t wait to have our own house.) (Hopefully.)
It's Happening GIF


It’s Monday, Be Happy!

Welp, I was 30 minutes late for work today because the one road that leads to work was closed, and I don’t know the area well enough yet to figure out a good detour. It was a bit tragic. But hey, I’ve got lots of other things going for me! Let’s start off with the best news of the day:

  1. I can actually look at flights to Marrakech for the time we would be traveling (instead of a few weeks before.) Unfortunately this doesn’t mean finding a good flight is any easier. We always fly Delta, but Delta only flies in to Casablanca, meaning we’d have to take a local flight to Marrakech…which I’d like to avoid. Lufthansa has a flight to Marrakech, but it only shows up on Expedia, not through their website…and again, I’d really like to get Delta miles if at all possible…which may result in a Delta flight to Europe, and Lufthansa flight to Marrakech. I need to spend some time figuring that out. I texted my dad this morning for backup (bringing in the big guns)…he’s the official Dossin family trip planner, so he might have some helpful insight. I’m also not sure he was aware that Joe and I were tossing around the idea of a New Year’s trip to Morocco…so, surprise, Dad!
  2. Barb has almost completely stopped meowing at our door! I have a feeling that’ll change when we leave her for the weekend (next weekend) but hey, uninterrupted sleep is great. Her ear drop medication is also almost done — she’s starting to realize that when I give her like 3 treats in a row with something hidden in my other hand that something is up. Only 2 more days!
  3. Joe and his friend(s? tbd) are going skiing in Canada this upcoming weekend, and I’ve taken that opportunity to book myself a 90 minute massage! It’s much, much needed, since I feel like something is screwed up in my shoulder/neck any time I put anything on over my head that’s even remotely fitted (yeah, that’s fun.) Anyway, I’m excited.
  4. I have a lunch meeting today with Jimmy John’s being provided. I always get the Slim 6 with no Capicola (so yes, just bread, salami, and cheese) but today I’m completely switching it up, and going with the #12 Beach Club. IIIIIIII know, it’s a big deal. Crazy things happening over here in Kalamazoo.
  5. I know I wrote about this yesterday, but I got two more pairs of the comfiest leggings in the world, and I’m just super excited about it. I’m also excited about the greeting cards I ordered from The Detroit Card Co. They’re having a grab bag sale, and I was on that like….shoot. I can’t think of that phrase. White! Like white on rice. Yes I was.


I hope everyone’s weeks are off to a fantastic start, happy Monday!!


Happy Happy Monday!

Last week was a good week I’d say, and not that anything in particular has happened so far, but I think this week will be as well! (And no, not just because it’s Bachelor Monday.)

  1. We went back to the other side of the state this weekend, and went to the Mardi Gras en Rouge fundraiser…which, while the VIP experience was rather disappointing, we had a great time. Plus I appreciate being given any reason to dress up! (Especially when I’m wearing something I usually wouldn’t wear, like a short, skin tight dress, or 4 inch stilettos. Wheeeee!) I also got to go to barre – with my mom!
  2. Related: On our drive back home from the fundraiser/gala (in my mom’s car) we hit a nasty pothole, resulting in an almost immediate flat tire. In the middle of Detroit. Luckily I married someone who knows a thing or two about cars…and someone who ignored my “eh we can probably make it home” suggestion. Joe had me call one of his groomsmen just for….ahem, support…if needed (I’ll just keep that vague) but he had the spare on the car and we were back on the road within 10 minutes. My friend and I didn’t even have to get out of the car! So needless to say – I’m feeling beyond grateful that I married someone who 1) can (quickly) change a flat in a suit. 2) stays calm under not so ideal circumstances, and 3) has friends that will be there for us in a jiffy should anything go awry.
  3. Also related: Barb didn’t get in to ANY trouble while we were away! Since we were only going to be gone for a grand total of 40 or so hours, we didn’t ask anyone to check in on Barb (though we did give her plenty of boxes and toys to stay occupado, and bought a cute water fountain/gravity-fed feeder so she wouldn’t run out of food and water.) Next time we’re away we probably will have someone stop on on Saturday, just for peace of mind, but we were pleasantly surprised by how well behaved she was! Of course, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t at our door this morning at 4am sharp meowing her little heart out. -_-
  4. Our trivia team won first place at Thursday night Sporcle trivia!! I promise that’s a big deal/is super exciting.
  5. I was selected to be a Mindbody Brand Ambassador! If you don’t know, Mindbody is a super great app that allows you to book fitness, wellness, and beauty appointments in your area – I’ve been using it basically since it was released, and they’re constantly improving it/working out quirks. Check it out!

I think I’m also in an exceptionally good mood because of the non-frigid weather we’ve been having, and more importantly…SUNSHINE! So great. Too bad we’re supposed to get more snow by Wednesday. I think I’ll just move to Disney World, k? 🙂

Happy Monday, y’all!


Happy Monday!

Hey hey, it’s Monday again, which means I have Flex 2.0 and the Bachelor to look forward to after work! Not that work isn’t exciting…in fact my office was #21 in the list of the “Top Most Popular Offices of 2015” so it’s actually pretty great 😉 (though I’d prefer Pepsi products in the fridge….but that’s beside the point.)

Alright, let’s do this.

  1. There will be a whole post dedicated to this in the coming days, buuuut…we were successful in our mission to find a kitty! Her name is Barb, and she came from a shelter about 40 minutes away. She’s an adorable little booger and we love her already.
  2. I think the promo is ending soon, but in case you didn’t know, the Shutterfly app currently has all 4×4 and 4×6 photos for free. Unlimited prints. For free. No promo code, nothin. I don’t think you can get the same deal on their website, so quick! Download the app and order photos to your heart’s content. You do have to pay shipping, but I think that’s a fair trade.
  3. Early Thursday morning while I was getting ready for work, I noticed a mysterious man creepin’ on our neighbor’s back porch  (she’s a 90something year old woman.) I immediately got weirded out/feel uneasy because I knowwww he’s not supposed to be there, text Joe a picture of said man, and carried on getting ready…but made extra sure the doors were locked and blinds were closed before leaving (because I’m a paranoid person. I also checked my trunk for stowaways and/or potential murderers.) So then as I was pulling out of the driveway, another neighbor flagged me down, asking if we were expecting company, referencing the man that I then learned was hanging around the side and front of our house before I saw him next door. Ew ew ew. Anyway, he told me he called the cops and gave them a pretty clear description of the man before I continued on to work which was super great to hear, but I had super bad anxiety for the rest of the day 🙁  Anyway, I hadn’t met that neighbor before this lovely encounter, but am SO grateful he let me know what was going on. I’ll be writing him/his family a little thank you note (and a bottle of wine? They look like wine people) with mine and Joe’s numbers inside, just in case! Get to know your neighbors, people!
  4. Whew, that was long-winded. Let’s get back to happy things, like my Bachelor bracket! I’m not doing too terribly, though I’m becoming less and less convinced that Jennifer will win…oh well – maybe I’ll do better next time 🙂 I’ve made a few edits to the bracket for next season and included directions on the page – it’s a little less cute, but still pretty fantastic.
  5. I finally have a sharp razor again! Maybe that’s weird to post here, but I don’t really care. It’s super exciting. For a while I had the handle but just one old blade, and then I bought a pack of blades, but they were the wrong blades, and finally last night we got the handle to go with the previously wrong blades! We get distracted when we go shopping, even with a list, so it took a while. My legs (and probably Joe) are silently rejoicing, I’m sure.