Deck the Halls // TGIF

It’s December! Which means it’s now socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music 24/7. Or watch every single Hallmark Channel Christmas movie if that’s more your style. (Or both!?) Let’s be real though, I’ve been listening to Christmas music since Halloween…with some My Favorite Murder interspersed in there too. But now it’s December! 24 days til Christmas! It’s also FRIDAY and I imagine lots of people will be decorating this weekend, so I wanted to share the Spotify Christmas playlist I’ve put together to help get y’all in the holiday spirit!


A few stand-out favorites of mine:

Carol Of The Bells – the bird and the bee

Must Be Santa – She & Him

Mele Kalikimaka – Jimmy Buffet

Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy – Lindsey Stirling (really this whole album)

Deck The Halls / Bring A Torch – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

We’re only about 5% decorated at our house so far – gotta wait til after Joe’s 30th next week! (!!!) But then? Explosion of Christmas goodness. Can’t wait!


Happy Monday! 12/5/16

Where did November go?! Holy moley. I’m trying to get Joe to finish up his last 3 days of thankfulness, and will post an update on that in the near future. They’re both rather amusing. I still have so many reviews planned among other posts…so here’s hoping life calms down a bit soon and I can get back into the swing of this whole blogging thing! But in the meantime…it’s Monday, and we could all use a little happy 🙂

  1. It snowed yesterday! And while I guess that’s not really something to be happy about (at least for me) – it gave us a good kickstart for getting our house decorated for Christmas! Plus we’ve been pretty lucky weather-wise, so no snow til December is alright I guess. Joe and I both also had our holiday parties over the last week – Gatsby 20’s (ish) theme for mine, and ugly sweater theme for his. All good things.
  2. I got a massage on Friday after work (quite possibly the quickest 30 minutes of my life.) The fact that November went by in such a blur should speak to why that was needed. Sometimes ya just gotta treat yourself! Anyway, my upper back is knottier than..gosh I don’t know. Something really knotty. Has more knots than a sailboat? Who knows. You get the idea. When my masseuse had all but given up on one knot in particular, she brought out a silicone cup (similar to the cupping mechanism people like Michael Phelps use) and began suction cupping my neck/shoulder area! Good news: I definitely feel like the big knots have been broken up a bit. Bad news: I not have a fairly large, circular bruise, requiring scarves for the next few days. Here’s hoping it’s gone before….
  3. …the Detroit Historical Society Ball! I’m using Rent the Runway for the first time ever, and getting my hair done. I love having a reason to dress up – especially when the dress code is black tie!
  4. Apparently more people in the 16-34 age demographic are watching Planet Earth II than the X Factor (in England.) I used to watch Planet Earth (and similar shows) while pulling all-nighters for school, so I’m especially excited to learn that there’s a second ‘season’ of Planet Earth. With music by Hans Zimmer! It doesn’t get better than that.
  5. Just LOOK at this cat shelter outside of Atlanta. I had a hard time sewing my ugly sweater with Barb around, much less doing a whole yoga class with her around, but I looove this idea. Especially since the $20 class fee goes straight back to the shelter. So good.

So there’s your warm fuzzies for today! I’m thinking after the new year (after we return from Morocco) this will turn in to all good news stories instead of tidbits about my life, though I’m sure friends and family reading appreciate those tidbits as well. Maybe I’ll wiggle those into another post!

Happy Monday!

ps. Has anyone seen Moana yet? I’ve been listening to the soundtrack all day and am quite fond of it!

pps. I’m working on (somewhat) last minute gift guides – keep a eye out if you’re struggling to find something for those important people in your life!


Happy….Tuesday Night!

Welp, it’s going on Wednesday and I’m just now realizing I failed to write my ‘Happy Monday’ post yesterday, so instead, I bring you ‘Happy Tuesday Night!”

  1. My job’s start date was pushed back to next Tuesday, since no one is in the office this week. Makes sense. Joe has been taking half days at work, getting everything he needs to done in the morning, so we’ve been enjoying one last week of relaxing before both heading back to full time work next week! We’re also both feeling a bit under the weather, so the downtime has been pretty great.
  2. Christmas back on the other side of the state was great, but way too short. If I’m being completely honest, I was crying for a good portion of our drive back to Kzoo Sunday night – not because I didn’t want to go back, but because Christmas went so quickly – I felt like I didn’t get to appreciate our tree or spend as much time with my fam as I’d’ve liked. Whew this got sad quickly for being a ‘happy things’ post. SO anyway. Christmas! And of course we’ll be back for the Auto Show which will be fab. We’re looking forward to it 🙂 We love Kzoo, but the east side still feels like home.
  3. On an upside, there were lots of fun goodies waiting for us on our return home. A ton of (free) new Garnier products to share, some (free) snack bars, and perhaps most excitingly…a Dyson! The $40 vacuum Joe got for his (carpeted) place in Buffalo just wasn’t cutting it on our wood floors – we decided enough was enough, and invested in a Dyson. Yay!
  4. Can I dedicate a number to leggings? Sure I can. I got 4 new pairs of leggings (a pair from each family member!) for Christmas, and I couldn’t be more excited. Tomorrow will be my first day back at Bent9, and I’m excited to put them to use 🙂 I also ordered a yoga mat towel from Amazon the other day – it looks so cool and I’m super anxious for it to arrive.
  5. All of our plants (as well as Poppy (hedgehog) and Agnes (frog)) survived our absence! We’re currently trying to figure out when to take down our Christmas tree, since we aren’t quite sure when the trash will take it. They never took our pumpkins, which ended up in the back of our backyard about a month after Halloween. Hopefully we’ll figure it out.

Anyway, hopefully everyone’s weeks are off to a great start! We’re in the midst of figuring out what to do for New Year’s Eve – we’ll see what happens!


Happy Monday!

Christmas is so close, I cannnnn’t wait! And, perhaps more excitingly, I’m going to need to relish in this particular week of bumming around the house, because…

  1. I was offered a position with Newell-Rubbermaid (in the baby division)! If all of the paperwork goes through in a timely manner, I’ll be starting mid-next week 🙂 I’m beyond excited, and am looking forward to getting out of the house – like I said before…freelancing/working from home is great, but it gets a bit old after a while. I’ll also continue freelancing, so hooray for things falling into place!
  2. Joe’s mom and her boyfriend visited this past weekend, and we had an awesome time catching up, showing them around Kalamazoo, and visiting Boatyard Brewery, which I’ve decided is one of my new favorite places, if only because of the two owners who were incredibly friendly. We were given a fairly extensive tour, which primarily consisted of hearing about their backgrounds, how they got where they are, etc. It was lovely – and the nautical decor was fab. 😉 If you live in the Kalamazoo area, Boatyard currently has an awesome Groupon  right now that gets you all sorts of fun Boatyard swag, a flight of 6 5oz tastes, and a tour (which is worth it on its own, I’d say.)
  3. It snowed…but all of that snow has melted already, which is totally fine by me! Although a 50+ degree Christmas is going to be a bit bizarre, I’m glad we will have a safe and relatively easy drive back to the other side of the state on Wednesday night. I’m also excited for my Wednesday evening Flex 2.0 class, which will apparently be Christmas-themed. Doesn’t get better than that!
  4. All of my present wrapping is done! I think that pretty much speaks for itself. Sitting on the floor wrapping for hours on end left my back feeling a little wonky though o_O
  5. I made a few yummy things this past weekend: chex mix, a caramel banana french toast, and potato soup! They were all super delish, and I’ll be making a post for at least the french toast sometime this week. Bonus: the fire alarm hasn’t gone off in a month or so! Heh.

Hopefully everyone else’s Christmas weeks are also off to a great start, happy Monday!


Weekend Update – Happy Thanksgiving!

Good news: Joe and I got most, if not all of the parts and pieces for our Winter Mickey wreath! Super excited to start putting it together this week. Fingers crossed that it comes together as nicely as the fall one.

Bad news: I have completely failed the “drinking 5 bottles of water” thing since being home. Sorry, plant. I’ll get back on that tomorrow.

Our Thanksgiving/weekend was super lovely all around. We spent lots of quality time with friends and family (with more to come – stopping on our way back to the Zoo to see the newest Hunger Games movie with one of my bridesmaids) which definitely made both of us feel a little “home”sick, but we’re also looking forward to getting back to our home to start decorating for Christmas, celebrating Joe’s birthday, sending (adorable) Christmas cards, and of course, packing for Disney! (Plus my butt got kicked at Pure Barre, we got to ride the K-Line trolley for one last time this year, we looked for Christmas trees…I could go on and on.)

We found some nickels in the basement, which of course meant we had to play with the slot machine at 1am. So many elementary/middle school sleepover memories.

Like I think I mentioned in my last post, this was my family’s first time hosting Thanksgiving, and of course we went all out. A pretty table, homemade stuffing, turkey on the grill (with a spice rub from the spice market in Turkey, of course) champagne we bought for our wedding weekend and failed to consume until Thanksgiving dinner, and our traditional poppers/paper crowns! Doesn’t get much better than that!  IMG_4185

I hope everyone else has had a fantastic Thanksgiving/post-Thanksgiving weekend, and that you’re coming up with lots of creative ways to use up all of that leftover turkey! 😉