Packaging Review: Derma E Rebrand

Yes! You read that right! I actually get to review the new packaging for Derma e, rather than the product this time around! It’s not often that I get to bring my graphic design background into the blog-osphere! I always get super excited when I notice a brand has re-vamped their image (Swiffer, I’m lookin’ at you,) and this is no exception 🙂


You may remember a while back I wrote a review for some Derma e products to help with Joe’s dry skin, and another reviewing their hydrating night creme. Sooo I’m pretty familiar with the products – they’re great! That said…their branding left something to be desired. It didn’t necessarily look like the premium, all natural product I know they are, and with all sorts of creams, washes, and masks on the market, it’s become even more important to differentiate from everything else out there! Good packaging makes a difference, even if you don’t think it’s something you take into consideration when making a decision.

Let’s say I’m trying to decide between two bottles of wine. One bottle is $7.99, the other $10.99 (sorry y’all, we just bought a roof. Cheap wine is where it’s at.) They’re basically exactly the same but I’m drawn to the label of the $10.99 bottle just a bit more! Maybe it’s screen printed on, or maybe it has a cat on it; either way, I’m more likely to buy the one with nicer packaging.


Luckily for derma e, their products are at the same (affordable!!) price point as their competitors, are still ‘eco-ethical’, and now they have SUCH nice packaging to go along with the great products inside the box.


Derma e’s new packaging has already begun to roll-out, and will be in full swing by March 2017. You can find Derma e products at Ulta, Whole Foods, and of course online!