Does anyone else find it ironic/somewhat comical that I possibly gave myself a concussion on the day I was switched from my mom’s good insurance to my own that only covers ‘catastrophic events?’ No? Just me?



(The door frame leading to our upstairs is much lower than we’re used to. Joe and I have both bonked our heads on it a handful of times, but I hit my head extra hard last night and have some symptoms of a concussion this morning. Fun!)


Now let’s just hope I feel better by Friday! I’m sure I will.

Also, can we talk for a second about Jojo’s poor decision last night on the Bachelorette finale? Whyyyy, Jojo, whyyy?!

Shout-out to the Disney GIF app for existing.

ps. Yes, friends and family – if my head still hurts when I wake up tomorrow, I’ll go get checked out.


Happy Monday – 7/18

Holy cannoli my allergies have been bad lately. I have an inconsolably itchy nose from the second I step out of the shower in the morning until about 10am when my Zyrtec kicks in. Anywho, it’s Monday, which means it’s time for happy things!

Weird. I don't really have any good photos to post this week, so you get a Snapchat screenshot. Happy Monday :)
Weird. I don’t really have any good photos to post this week, so you get a Snapchat screenshot. Happy Monday 🙂
  1. We saw Secret Life of Pets and Addams Family: The Musical over the weekend – and while I’d like to say we did a lot of cleaning and packing up the rest of the time…that wasn’t the case. One chill weekend before we’re going crazy with moving and such was needed.
  2. I ordered a pair of Madewell jeans that I’ve had my eyes on for a while now — high-rise and super flared — for $31 shipped down from $140. They’ll go perfectly with my Birkenstock sandals and a book about a ‘Manson-esque’ cult/the end of the 60’s (The Girls). Fully embracing my inner hippie over here.
  3. My wrist and hand are healing nicely after Friday’s frightening debacle, and Barb seems to be happy as a clam. Probably taking a day or two more off of climbing and Bent9 to let my cuts close up a bit more, but yay for no trips to the ER/vet.
  4. Only 18 days til Disney! We’re both so excited to spend a weekend at the Happiest Place on Earth, especially after the craziness that has been our house-buying adventure. Not to mention that it means we’re coming up on our 1 year anniversary. What the what?!
  5. It’s kind of close to August, which means I get to start using my new planner soon! Exciting stuff.

Arg, WordPress’ “readability analysis” drives me bonkers. Just because 31.6% of my sentences are more than 20 words and I’m not using any subheadings, it gives me a red dot needs improvement rating. Despite the fact that I’m at 80.8/100 in the Flesch Reading Ease test, and 47.6% of the sentences contain a transition or phrase, which is great.” It drives my inner word-nerd crazy that I don’t have a green dot. Oh well, what can ya do?

Happy Monday!


Happy Monday

It’s Monday again! Already.

In case you didn’t already assume (due to the lack of posting about it) – the homeowners accepted a higher offer on the house. Sad day, but life goes on. We hardly even had time to get attached to it! We looked at another house yesterday, and although it was super nice (save some painting and replacing windows) we’re pretty sure we don’t need a 2700 square foot house. The search continues (at least until June 1st, because our landlord is annoying. Different story for a different day.) On with the happy!

  1. WARMTH. SUNSHINE. Holy cow being outside in a tank top and not freezing my buns off is so great. Did I write about this last week? I’m having a bit of déjà vu. Oh well, I’m allowed to be excited about good weather two weeks in a row.
  2. This weekend is Indy 500 weekend! With only a couple of exceptions, we’ve been going down to (just outside of) Indianapolis since before I was born, and this year is no exception! I’m a sucker for tradition. Joe’s coming for his second time ever (the first was the first year we were dating, and we got in trouble for falling asleep on the couch together, mwahahah) and I’m just super duper excited! (Just cross your fingers that it doesn’t thunderstorm all weekend as currently forecasted – merp!)
  3. My work had a garage sale on Friday and I got all sorts of fun goodies including: an Irwin box cutter, a bucket of “pop-arty’ beads that I’ve been eyeballing at Target for years, a couple of hair brushes for my mama, a Pack n’ Play, and a bag of cat food! Yes, a very random selection, and yes, there’s a good chance I have some slight hoarding tendencies. Maybe that 2700 square foot house wouldn’t be so bad….heh.
  4. Amazon Prime. Does this one speak for itself? I don’t know what Joe and I would do without it, other than maybe get judged by our mail man slightly less. Need new nail scissors? Prime! Filters for Barb’s water fountain? Prime! Deodorant? Cheaper on Prime, so why not! Checkered flag party supplies for an upcoming Vökin Vodka post? Prime, of course! (I gotta say, I’m disappointed in Kalamazoo’s lack of racing party supplies.)
  5. Only 13 days until we can make our Fastpass selections! Okay actually typing that out it seems a lot farther away. Sigh. Also they changed it from opening at midnight to opening at 7am. I’m sure that’s great for lots of people that need to go to bed early, but as a night owl, BOO that means I have to get up like an hour and 15 minutes earlier than normal. First world problem, I know, I know. I should probably start semi planning our trip to figure out where we should be on which days. Yay Disney!

I have some reviewing to catch up on this week…and a “Green Flag” cocktail to create for Vökin! Here’s hoping Apple Pucker, Vodka, and Sprite all taste good together, ’cause that’s all I’ve got so far. (Midori was too expensive.)

Happy Monday!