Gift Guide 2017 – For Her

So I realize I’ve been pretty MIA from the world of blogging for a while, but I couldn’t let the holiday season go by without putting together a gift guide! Full disclosure, these guides are basically just things I like that I think other people would like too. Maybe that’s every gift guide though…?

Let’s get to it.

1. A chunky knit cowl scarf/snood. Snood is a great word. If you live anywhere that gets even remotely cold, a substantial collection of scarves is a must. I’ve been digging the neutral, cozy, chunky look this winter…and not just because they look like they’d be good to nap in. A lot of the amazingly cozy looking scarves are made overseas, but this one is made in the US, and as of 12/5 has Christmas delivery guaranteed!


2. Book of the Month 3-Month Subscription. Yes – I’m still into subscription boxes. And yes, it would be more financially smart to just go to the library, but a 3 month book subscription is a gift that keeps on giving! Well, for 3 months. Book of the Month lets you choose one of 5 books each month, and the options are pretty broad. Cheesy romance? Yup. Murder mysteries? Got it! Non-Fiction? Check. BotM will introduce your giftee to some great authors…and something to do when they’re cozied up on the couch with that scarf!! 🙂


3. Rabbit Wing Corkscrew. Okay so I hadn’t planned on doing a themed list, but when you’re cozied up in your scarf reading a new book, it only makes sense that you’d be drinking a glass of wine, right? And how are you going to open that wine? This fab bottle opener. Joe and I have this one, and I love it. Plus everyone could use a corkscrew that doesn’t feel like it’ll fall apart if you twist too hard, right?


4. White Marble Cheese Board. Continuing the trend…(seriously, as I was pulling things for my list I didn’t choose themed things purposefully!) Having friends over for a movie night? Bringing snacks out on a nice serving tray of some sort makes you look like you have your shit together – even if you don’t.


5. LUSH Sleepy Lotion. I’ve read review after review saying this lotion gives people the best night of sleep ever. It apparently smells amazing (I have yet to try it) and has the same effect as taking a melatonin before bed. Sounds perfect, right? It also has the added benefit of being made with natural ingredients and cruelty free. Doesn’t get better than that!


6. Set of Travel Eye Masks. I discovered this website when putting together a wish list for myself, and fell in love! I’m not an eye mask user, but these designs were too cute not to post. They’d be perfect for anyone that a) travels a lot or b) needs total darkness to get some shut-eye. For the record, I put the laundry bags on my list.


7. Random Illustrated Facts. Everyone could use a little bit of well designed trivia in their lives, right!? This book seems like it would be a great conversation starter, or something to leave on your desk if you need a quick brain break.
8. Colorful Mini Notepads. Each of these notepads are only $4, and as I’m typing this out I can think of the perfect use for every style. Grocery lists, to do lists, doodling….plus they’re just tiny and cute! Clearly running out of steam on this whole wordsmithing thing.


So there we have it! Gift Guide 2017. Unintentionally ‘cozied up on the couch’ themed for the most part. Also, I guess I should include a note that none of this is sponsored by any of the brands I included – but I do get a free book if you sign up for BotM through my link! 🙂

Happy Hump Day, and happy 19 days until Christmas!


Gift Guide – For Him

As promised (I think) here is the men’s counterpart to yesterday’s Gift Guide – For Her!

gift guide for him

A good t-shirt is always a welcome gift, and Joe and I both love all of the National Park designs from Homage. The shirts look like they’re comfy and high quality, and I like that they are printed with (generally) such bright colors. They come in posters too, if that’s more your (or your guy’s) style!

I’m sure you’ve seen/heard/read all about Harry’s razors, and I really don’t have enough good things to say about them! Joe and I gave a Harry’s gift set to all of his groomsmen as part of their gift (including one for Joe) and they went over quite well. Plus let’s be real. I’ve used Joe’s razor a couple of times (why are guy’s razors so much better?!) and it was really quite fantastic. Bonus points: the packaging is pretty great and they come in fun colors!

What guy doesn’t want to be like James Bond now and then? Sadly since running around the house (or the world, whichever) with a PPK is at least slightly frowned upon, Elastic Precision has a rubber band gun equivalent that can be shot at anyone or anything without any negative repercussions! Except maybe a dirty look if someone gets hit in the face. That should probably be avoided.

I put Sfumato fragrances on my women’s gift guide yesterday, and like I said I would, they’re making a reappearance on the men’s guide today, since the fragrances are unisex! The sampler pack is a perfect introduction to the 4 fragrance choices…and hey, if your giftee finds a fragrance they like, you could get them the full size fragrance some day down the road! 🙂

Although Joe and I aren’t typically hard liquor drinkers, we discovered Moscow Mules a little over a year ago (vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, served in a copper mug) and enjoy them occasionally when we don’t feel like ordering any other beverage at a restaurant. Since the ingredients are fairly straightforward, it’s an easy cocktail to make at home…and a couple of copper mugs (and perhaps a 6 pack of ginger beer?) would be an awesome gift!

Every guy should have a nice dopp kit (heck, I’m pretty sure Joe has 3) – and this bag from Topo Designs seems like the perfect size and style for every day use, whether you’re traveling the world, or just going to your in-laws house for Christmas! It comes in a few different color options, and the fabric is easy to clean, which at least to me is a super important feature!

The majority of the guys in my life are at least somewhat automotive-minded, so these gear shift cufflinks were an obvious addition to my list. Bonus: they ship with Amazon Prime! Make sure whoever you gift these to has a French Cuff shirt – I gave my dad cufflinks at our rehearsal dinner to wear at our wedding…and the only shirts with French Cuffs that he had were for a tuxedo. He took a quick trip to Brooks Brothers on the morning of our wedding 😛

I can’t even remember how long ago my mom discovered Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty, but it’s basically like a giant blob of Silly Putty – and this particular kind is magnetic (they also have color changing, clear, etc.) We used to gift a tin of putty to our teachers in middle/high school, and it was always greatly appreciated! It’s perfect for keeping in a desk drawer – ready to be pulled out when you need a break from staring a a computer screen, or when you just feel like building a snowman and watching it melt!

If you live anywhere where it gets even slightly chilly (or hey, even if it doesn’t get cold! Whatever floats your boat) a hat is definitely a necessity, and the beanies from Love Your Melon certainly fit the bill! The company was started by two college students, and they donate 50% of net proceeds on every Love Your Melon product sold the Pinky Swear Foundation and CureSearch.

Last on the list, a monkey’s fist keychain that also doubles as a charging cord! The Native Union Cable Keychain  is awesome, and has saved my butt more times than I can count. It’s small, fits on a set of keys, and the cable itself is good quality (and won’t fray/break/go bad as quickly as the regular Apple charging cable, which is a huge plus.) The brand has a few other charging cable options that would be good gift ideas as well!

And with that, I’m off to make sure I have everything together, because holy moley we’re going to Disney World!! 



Gift Guide – For Her

Oprah has her Favorite Things, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s got her Goop Gift Guide. I figure it’s only fair if I make one too! I tried to choose things that I know I would enjoy (possibly because I already own some of them) but would also enjoy giving to a friend or family member and perhaps most importantly, are (generally) pretty darn affordable!



A 3 month Birchbox Subscription (full disclosure: we both get $5 free if you sign up through that link.) I’ve been getting Birchbox for over a year now, and the 3 month gift subscription is my go-to gift when I can’t think of something better! Who doesn’t love getting 5 (or so) trial sized beauty/skincare products to try out every month?!

A tank from Emi Jay for barre/yoga/pilates ooor just lounging around the house. All of the Emi Jay tanks/tops I’ve gotten are so soft – I could probably live in them 24/7 (let’s be real: I’ve done it.) Shop Barre Socks also has some great shirts (and sticky socks!) if you’re looking for a gift for your Barre BFF 😉

Sfumato Fragrances will also probably end up on my mens list as well. They’re a relatively new, Detroit-based fragrance brand (husband and wife team) that creates all natural, unisex, and amazing smelling fragrances. I’ve purchased their “Flight of Fragrance” for myself and a couple of my friends – it’s a perfect foray into the brand – and much more unique than picking up a bottle of perfume at Sephora!

If you know anyone even partially as clumsy as me, shatterproof wine glasses are a perfect gift. I originally received Govino Champagne glasses in a Popsugar box, and have been in love with the brand ever since (they’re good for picnics, and dishwasher-safe too!) They also make a decanter and beer glasses – all good things.

In keeping with the wine theme, a candle is always a good gift – even better when it is wine scented and in a recycled wine bottle, no? I’ve been reading a bit lately about how soy candles are supposed to be much better than the typical candle, and this seems like as good an option as any (as I sit here literally surrounded by 6 3-wick Bath and Body Works Candles…don’t judge, only one is lit!)

I’ve been following Woven Pear on Instagram for probably a year now – I’m in love with all of their patterns, and after getting one pair (thanks, Zulily!) somewhat recently, I am SO in love with how cushy-cozy-comfy the socks are! Whoever started the stigma (?) that socks are a lame Christmas gift clearly hadn’t encountered these socks 😀

I’m pretty certain that a person can never have too many cozy infinity scarves/cowl scarves. This one in particular is from ModCloth, but there are so many out there – some great ones on Etsy, and Loft is always having awesome sales (40% off right now) that it is pretty easy to find one you know your giftee will appreciate.

Having a nice set of coasters can go a long way, and with so many people I know moving into new/first homes and apartments, coasters seemed like an appropriate thing to put on my list. We have a set of 4 nice/fancy ones, as well as a huuuuge stack I’ve collected from bars/breweries locally and in Europe. We break those out when we have a lot of guests. It works out nicely.

I may or may not be putting a Spafinder Gift Card on this list for selfish reasons (hint hint to anyone still looking for ideas for me…but I’m pretty sure anyone in your life would appreciate the opportunity to get a massage (or mani/pedi, whatever.) Sitting hunched over a computer basically all day every day wreaks havoc on your upper back/shoulder muscles – massages are good for at least beginning to reverse that.

Last but certainly not least – an adult coloring book! Sure these are the big/hot new thing this season, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be overdone/under-appreciated by any means! There are some pretty unique ones out there too, shout-out to Brit & Co. for bringing attention to the “Color Me Swoon” book (I know lots of people that would enjoy a relaxing evening of coloring Zac Efron, Ryan Reynolds, and hey, Tom Selleck is included too.) Throw in a pack of colored pencils, and maybe a cute pencil sharpener, and you’ve got yourself a perfect gift!


Hopefully this list has given you some shopping ideas if you’ve been struggling and/or have recently come to the realization that Christmas is only slightly over 2 weeks away. Where did the time go!?

Happy shopping!