Review: EverPro Back2Blonde + Giveaway!

Disclaimer: Back2Blonde sent me this product with no compensation other than the spray to test and review. This post consists of my honest thoughts & opinions about the product!

From lemon juice to Beach Blonde and Sun-In to getting my hair professionally highlighted, I’ve wanted to keep my hair a little blonder than its natural dirty blonde color for about as long as I can remember. (Except for that one year I decided to go with an auburn-y brown color. But that’s beside the point.) However…my hairstylist stopped working weekends shortly after I moved to the other side of the state, and the budget for highlights has been redistributed to health insurance, car payments, and little things like 200 pounds of mortar to tile a porch! Oh, adulthood.

Maybe someday I’ll find a salon here in Kalamazoo, but that day is not today! Or tomorrow, or probably the day after that. Plus I’m trying to grow my hair out again, so I don’t need to go in for a cut 🙂 Thankfully my hair does get a bit blonder in the summer, but that doesn’t keep my roots from coming in sort of dark.  Enter: Back2Blonde by EverPro.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 9.16.51 AM
The spray comes in 3 shades; Dark Blonde, Medium Blonde and Light Blonde

Despite accidentally turning my scalp yellow the first time using it, the aerosol root-touch up was super easy to use…and I figured out how to avoid the yellow scalp issue after a couple of uses. I wouldn’t say that Back2Blonde is a miracle-worker, but there definitely was a noticeable difference after application.


See?! Roots are still there, but look so much better! Maybe not quite as perfect as the models in the Back2Blonde how-to video, but that’s okay. I was sent the Medium color to try out, and I’d say it did a pretty good job. I’ve seen so many horror stories of root touch up products, so I was happy to see that the spray looked natural – especially since I was heading to work! 🙂

The only real downside to this product – other than a slight learning curve – is that it only lasts for one hair wash. Womp womp. It makes sense, since it isn’t a hair dye, but I’d appreciate a little more longevity! (And not have to worry about sweating it out/off during hot barre.)

The Verdict?

While I’m not one to worry about my roots showing, Back2Blonde does exactly what it should, and does it well! If you’re looking for a root concealer between hair appointments – I definitely think you’d be happy with this spray. Plus, $11 is much cheaper than an appointment at your salon 😉

Back2Blonde is hosting a giveaway – 25 people will win a full-size sample of the spray! Good luck!!


It’s Haircut Time!

In the one episode of Amazing Race that I’ve ever seen, a couple was given the option to shave their heads to skip a challenge and win some large amount of money (I remember it being $250,000, Joe remembers $10,000.) ….and the wife flat out refused to do it. What?! I’ve never been that ‘attached’ to my hair and would have done that without a second of hesitation, but I guess I’m not like everyone else 😛

I decided in my sophomore or junior year of high school (so, going on 10 years) to get my hair chopped off, and while I’ve gone through the “grow it out a bit, chop it off again” cycle a few times since then, I stopped getting it cut a little over a year ago in preparation for wedding hair, and now it’s the longest I’ve let it grow…well, until this afternoon.

RIP Ponytail.
RIP Ponytail.

I was going to try to make it til Spring with long hair…and don’t get me wrong, I loved how easy it was to just throw it up into a semi-cute bun for work/going out in public if I didn’t feel like dealing with it. Buuuut after dreaming about my hair stylist a couple of times and tossing around the idea of just taking scissors to my ponytail, I finally got my hair cut today – and let me tell ya, I’m quite the happy camper.

What a difference a couple of hours makes, eh? (Being out of bed for more than 3 minutes helps too.) I feel like me again! #haircut #shorthair

I feel like me again! And mayyyybe (probably) once it gets a little warmer, I’ll be a little blonder again too! But now I have to re-learn how to deal with short hair, despite having just learned how to use the glorious bun donut 😛 I think I’ll survive.


Happy Monday!

So I originally wrote this from the WordPress app on my phone and posted it – but despite it getting a handful of likes, it isn’t showing up ANYWHERE. If anyone can help me figure out why that would be, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Anyway, on to our regularly scheduled programming.

January is seriously flying by – especially now that I have (and am enjoying) a full time job! Working full-time does leave less time for Pinterest-y dinners and crafting though…but I guess a paycheck is an acceptable compromise! 🙂 Plus, hey, that’s what weekends are for, right?

see ya later, hair!
see ya later, hair!
so gross. I hate winter.
so gross. I hate winter.
friends at my desk! soon to be joined by an adorable Rafiki.
friends at my desk! soon to be joined by an adorable Rafiki.

Despite it being a Monday and being bombarded with cold, icy, snowy weather – there’s still a lot to be happy about!

  1. Joe cleaned the snow off my car this morning (because he had to move it to get his out – or just because he’s a great hubster) and it was still slightly warm when I left for work an hour later! Doesn’t get much better than that.
  2. I’m getting my hair cut on Saturday! I thought I’d be able to last til Spring before getting it chopped off, but no such luck. The ability to put my hair up in a top knot or into a quick braid has been swell, but I’m over it.
  3. It’s Auto Show time! Well, almost. Joe and I are going on Sunday, and I’m looking forward to that almost as much as my haircut! Being back on the East side of the state also means Pure Barre, so it’ll just be a great weekend all around 🙂
  4. Since neither of us can really take time off this year thanks to new jobs and such, we’re trying to figure out a few weekend trips for this spring/summer…and things seem to be at least partially falling in to place! Might not be heading to Iceland or Cambodia quite yet, but hey – it’s something!
  5. I remembered to bring my workout clothes with me in to work today (rather than leaving them in my cold car.) I forgot to do that last week, and changing for Flex at the end of the day was just tooooo cold. So hooray for not freezing my tuckus off even more than I already am!

Again, sorry if some of you are seeing this twice. Sometimes technology gets the best of me 🙂


happy monday!

Sheesh. I haven’t had my computer since Wednesday evening, and I am so glad to finally have it back! Back to the world of freelancing, blogging, and browsing Reddit – hooray! Sooooo, on that note, here are 5 other things that are making me happy, despite it being a Monday:

1. Joe and I went to an outlet mall on the way to picking up computers in Grand Rapids yesterday. So many sales, including the ever so dangerous “50% off, and 20% off of that” sale at Kate Spade. I’ve always been the type of girl that rolls her eyes at Coach, Louis Vuitton (except when I got a knockoff for cheap in Rome) etc. but Kate Spade just does something for me that I can’t explain. I love it. In other news, I have a small new crossbody bag. Sorry, mom. (She is probably giving me the face from the back of an It’s a Small World boat right now for spending money.)



2. The outlet mall also has a Lucky Brand store. I used to love Lucky Brand, but hadn’t been in a store in forever. I asked Joe if he wanted to go in, which garnered a response of “eh, I’m probably not going to like anything in there.” Cue: Joe fawning over all of the Triumph-branded clothing (and a few other things) as soon as we walked in the doors. Sadly none of it was quite enough on sale, but I’ve been giggling about it since yesterday afternoon.

3. The Kalamazoo Craft Beer Festival was Saturday, and it was quite the success! We got awesome glasses, and 10 tasting tokens. Joe and I also got 2 extra tickets from an older couple that was leaving. We must look like friendly, happy people. We watched Keg Curling (sponsored by Kalamazoo’s roller derby team – I want to go to a…match? Whatever roller derby events are called.) and drank lots of yummy beers and ciders. In a completely related turn of events, Joe and I have now put ourselves on an alcohol hiatus except for Trivia Thursdays.



4. My hair! I was browsing my Instagram for a photo, and came across one of me with short hair that I’m going to bring to my hair stylist to re-create once I decide to give my hair the ol’ chip chop. It hasn’t been this long since (I think) 2008/2009 and I just do not know what to do with it. I did blow dry it yesterday for the first time since before our wedding in preparation for passport photos though, that was relatively exciting. Long hair just feels like a scraggly mop on my head.

Meet Claire and Joe, circa December 2012.
Meet Claire and Joe, circa December 2012.

5. Now that we have our computers back, I can continue the process of sending Joe’s in to be recycled – which means a $200something Apple Store gift card for us, that will be going towards the new Apple TV! Hooray!

With that, I think I might do my ab intensive Pure Barre DVD before getting to today’s workload. All of that beer. In my belly. Oof.