Wanderlust Wednesday – 9/28


A change! Like Fall! Eh? Maybe that’s a stretch 😛

As much as I love warm weather, I also love cute socks and layers. That said – I’m so not ready to turn the heat on in our house! In other news, 92 days until Morocco. Maybe it’s time to start going through the ‘need to buy’ list I started making when we booked the trip. Pepto tablets and electrolyte tablets, I’m comin’ for ya!

Happy hump day 🙂


Wanderlust Wednesday – 7/20


This week has been dragging – presumably because there’s big things happening at the end of the week. I’m a ball of mixed emotions; excitement, nerves, sleepiness, and sneezes. But we’re in the home stretch in regards to the whole house-buying thing and it’s hump day – so woohoo! It’s only been 15 weeks…sigh. Our Disney trip (16 days to go!) is going to be such a welcome break from reality – I just wish it was longer than 2.5 days! Better than nothing though, that’s for sure.

Speaking of trips, I’ve been putting off getting my passport for months now. I should probably take care of that. Note to self.

In case you haven’t caught on, I looove love love basically everything Outside Magazine posts, and today is no exception. As someone who totally overshares on social media (hello, I have a blog for pete’s sake.) I’m always photographing what’s around me; I’m glad there’s an article to back me up now! IMG_1936Happy hump day!Signature



Wanderlust Wednesday – 5/11

Belle Isle Grand Prix , Detroit
Belle Isle Grand Prix , Detroit

And today for your viewing pleasure, a link to some amazing freediving photos. Talk about getting out of your comfort zone, eh?

Happy hump day!




Wanderlust Wednesday – 4/13

aquila game reserve - south africa - travel quote - helen keller
Aquila Game Reserve, South Africa

Love this quote. It wasn’t even in my official “for blogging” list, but decided it was deserving of a post!

Today I’m pulling another excerpt from one of Rufus’ emails (from his trip to the Solomon Islands) for your enjoyment:

The hotel I am staying at evidently was hosting on their hotel grounds “the Musical Event of the Century” (at least by Solomon Island standards). My hotel was a zoo as thousands of mostly young Solomon Islanders packed the grounds for this once in a life time event. At one point during the night and having nothing else better to do I wandered down to the concert following the very loud music and amazing light show. I walked right pass security despite not having one of the $350 tickets,  and what a sight! … There were 3 or 4 thousand young Solomon Islanders in a state of ecstasy. They were singing, dancing, gyrating, drinking, kissing, fondling, petting, hugging and packed like sardines in the concert area. The young gals had their lips, hips, and hands all over anyone and everyone. In fact I accidentally had sex with three different women just walking and trying to make my way up to the stage. Now if you want to imagine one of the oddest sites you can think of, imagine and older white man (Rufus), clueless as usual, who knows nothing of music, does not have one iota of rhythm in his body, now befuddled by the overt sexual energy and music he is bombarded by, discovering he has just entered a “Shaggy” concert. I had no idea who “Shaggy” was. I still don’t know who in the hell “Shaggy” is even after spending nearly two hours at his concert. But he sings and he is actually pretty good. He talks a lot about Jamaica, drugs, and sex.

But this story gets just a little bit stranger. I figured as long as I was at the concert, I might as well try to work my way up to the front and see if I could destroy what little left there is of my hearing. Believe it or not I got all the way up to the front..but there is a solid mass of security in blue uniforms and yellow jerseys stopping one from going any further unless you had the laminated VIP around your neck. I just kept moving forward attempting to move into the VIP area when one of the guards said, “Stop. Who are you?” I said,” I’m Rufus” and he allowed me in. It’s all in a name folks; that or someone has been impersonating me over here.

Go on YouTube and pull up a video of Shaggy’s tour in the Solomon Islands. You will see among the young, all black crowd of concert goers an older white man—I can assure you the only one at the event with a Medicare card in his wallet—walking about very confused and befuddled with a true Forest Gump expression on his face.

Oh, Rufus. So great.

I did my thesis project on his travels (in comparison-ish to mine) so I have 57 single-spaced pages of emailed trip reports, all equally as amusing.

Happy Hump Day!