Wanderlust Friday – 7/1

Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey

I know, I know – two days late. I promise I’ll get back on track with my Wanderlust Wednesday posts soon (no promises that it’ll be next week though.)

The following post is from Jennifer’s Hamam, a handmade textile shop located in the heart of Istanbul. We visited the shop during our trip, and I remember wanting to just curl up in all of the blankets and towels for…well, as long as Jennifer would let me! ;P Everything was so beautifully made and crazy soft, but a little out of my budget as a college student. If you’re looking for a unique gift (or want to treat yourself to one of the softest, coziest towels/blankets in the world) – I urge you to contact Jennifer and place an order.

But I mean really - look how cozy.
But I mean really – look how cozy.

On a happier note, it’s the weekend! And a long one at that – yay!