Photo a Day – “On My Mind”

Day 13 - On My Mind
Day 13 – On My Mind

Okay this is a little late, but the prompt for October 13th was “On My Mind” – I’m taking the train back to the other side of the state tomorrow evening for a freelance meeting on Thursday (Joe is driving out after work on Friday) and the weekend is going to be jam packed with lots of fun things:

  • Freelance Meeting
  • Pure Barre (ugh I miss it. 99% sure I’m starting at Kalamazoo Barre on Monday though!)
  • HolidayMart (long-running tradition with my mum)
  • Seamstress (getting a new dress fitted, and fixing a small tear on the tulle of my wedding dress)
  • A bus tour about Harry Houdini’s last days alive (he died in Detroit on Halloween)
  • Church
  • Disney on Ice
  • Probably IKEA on our way home
  • Maybe a stop at a Bath and Body Works. I’ve run out of pumpkin-y candles.
  • Probably a few things I’m forgetting. I miss Atwater, so maybe dinner there one night.

A jam packed weekend however means I will be needing a lot of clothes, so tonight was spent working on a packing list.

I haven’t taken the train since my second year at Valparaiso, so I’m excited – and looking forward to almost 3 hours of uninterrupted reading time!


happy thoughts for a monday

First of all – how the heck is it already Monday!? This past week seriously flew by. Holy moley.

  1. Visitors! A house full of people is seriously one of my absolute favorite things, and this weekend our house was about as full as possible! Including me and Joe, there were 8 people in our (tiny) house for a birthday/housewarming/oktoberfest extravaganza, which meant fitting people basically anywhere we could, since we only have one actual spare bedroom. Because I can’t do anything half-way, I made a super cute birthday banner, cupcakes, and little flags to go in the cupcakes, and Joe and I made/put together lots and lots of appetizers, as well as breakfast Sunday morning (hooray for using most of the serving platters we got as wedding gifts!) It was crazy and exhausting (partially because we didn’t go to bed until about 5:30am) but it was weirdly rewarding being able to ‘show off’ all the hard work we’ve been putting into getting our house together, and getting to celebrate 2 birthdays/visit a couple of local breweries! So good. Oh, I’m also shocked by how quickly a house with 1 bathroom and 8 people can go through rolls of toilet paper.
  2. I went back to the other side of the state on Thursday afternoon through Friday afternoon for a freelance meeting/networking event. It was a little intimidating, but after most of the ‘networking’ was done, we were able to sit down and work out some bottle design details that I’ll figure out this week. One step closer to being able to see something I designed on grocery/liquor store shelves – so neat.
  3. We finally have a (large-ish) house plant! We’ve been wanting one to put by the TV for a while now, and after striking out at both Lowe’s and Eastern Market (in Detroit) – I found one at IKEA when I stopped on my way back to Kalamazoo on Friday! It was only $12, and it’s perfecto.
  4. I have mixed feelings about the weather getting cooler, but I do love the fact that apple cider is now more regularly available. When I was back at my parents house (home? Whatever. I’ve now just started calling Detroit and Kzoo home. It works for now) my dad gave me some Halloween decorations to bring back, as well as a giant pack of Halloween shaped gummies. Yum.
  5. Mid-last week I was relatively convinced that Poppy, my 5.5 year old albino hedgehog, was in the process of dying (eek I promise this is still a happy post,) and I spent a good chunk of the afternoon babying her (and crying. And emailing back and forth with a local vet.) It wasn’t too great. Howeverrrrr, after that afternoon, she seems 100% back to her regular, grumpy, old lady self, and I couldn’t be happier. I also now know that there’s a local vet that will be able to take care of her if she does start showing her age, so that’s nice to know as well.

happy thoughts for a monday

  1. A new computer! I’ve had hand-me-down MacBook Pros throughout the duration of my Graphic Design ‘career’ which worked out pretty well, despite some fixable issues and general slowness. But holy moley – everything is so fast now! I want to open Illustrator? Less than 10 seconds later, I’m adjusting invoices or playing around with color choices for a freelance project. It’s lovely. Trying to decide if I want to desecrate it with stickers now.
  2. The Super Moon! Blood Moon? Whatever it was technically called – it was awesome, and especially awesome to just stand in our front yard with Joe for a bit and enjoy it together (and subsequently start looking into how expensive telescopes are.) It was also nice to think that during the next supermoon eclipse (2033) we’ll probably be sharing the same experience with our 13ish year old child. Sorry, is that weird? Maybe that’s a little weird. Oh well. Blood Moon Drawing
  3. Freelance! I’ve been incredibly busy with freelancing – which although it’s been keeping me from working on organizing the house as much as would be ideal, I’m super grateful that companies on the other side of the state are willing to work with me. The distillery man asked if I could attend a gallery opening on Thursday (in Metro Detroit) to introduce me to some people I’ll be working with throughout the duration of my time with the company, so that should be fun — and I can stop at IKEA for hangers on my way back Friday morning, woohoo!
  4. I finally got around to framing 3 prints that I got during De Program in The Netherlands. Narrowing it down to 3 was hard, but hooray for introducing a bit of Dutch design to our house 🙂
  5. Yesterday Joe and I went over to a friend’s newly acquired house who needed help moving an organ. It was super heavy, so rather than watching them potentially hurt themselves moving it to the curb, I suggested/offered to put it up on Craigslist/Reddit to see if anyone wanted it. The friend wasn’t too convinced that my solution would be successful, but lo and behold, it was picked up within 6 hours, with 3 other people interested in it. Bwahaha. Hooray for a perfectly working (albeit dirty) organ not going to waste! 

Happy Monday! 🙂

happy thoughts for a monday

Geez, doing this once a week makes each week seem like time is flying.

  1. We slept in our new bed for the first time last night! Hooray for a non-IKEA mattress (though we want to get a poofier mattress topper) and matching bedroom set! It was lovely. New Bed
  2. I’ve had a lot of freelance work! It has been keeping me super super busy, but no complaints…gotta pay for our Disney trip! 😉
  3. There are baby squirrels and chipmunks running around on the fence and tree I can see from the couch (where I’ve been working until we get our studio set up upstairs.) They’re adorable, and make me wish I was a princess so I could convince them to clean the shower for me like in Enchanted. Really though, they are super fun to watch!
  4. House guests! We’re having a lot of friends over from the other side of the state the first weekend of October which we’re looking forward to – plus it’s providing the push we need to work on getting everything organized, stored away, and looking pretty! 12 days and counting!
  5. We got all of our wedding photos on Friday, and oh my goodness they’re all so perfect. I spent a huge majority of last night working on a 10×10 book with lots of favorite photos (narrowing down from 974) – hopefully the books (we ordered 4) do the photos justice – I’m mildly worried about the print quality, but I’ll hope for the best! So exciting 🙂RingsMakeupYou May Now Kiss the Bride!Mustang Lovin'

happy thoughts for a monday

Hey look, I remembered that I started this last week! Here we go.

  1. Obviously #1 has to be the fact that Joe and I are going to Disney World in December! I know I said this yesterday, but I’m seriously so excited to share a place that is so special to me with my hubby – and it helps that he’s excited too:)
  2. I only have 15 more thank you notes to write! There’s a slight issue though – we’re out of envelopes and neither Target nor Meijer have any. Looks like I’ll be taking a trip down to French Paper (an hour and a half drive) sometime this week, because I really don’t want to pay the $15 for shipping.
  3. A new book to read! I’m currently finishing up Catch Me if You Can, the 5th (I think?) book I started reading during our honeymoon, but haven’t had time to finish it…getting there slowly but surely though! Next up: Geek LoveAnd I was able to convince Joe to start reading The Martian before the movie comes out. I read that on our honeymoon as well, and loved everything about it.
  4. Furniture! We went to Art Van this weekend to order a full bedroom set – what we currently have will move to the guest bedroom. We also got a corner TV stand/fireplace which is already fantastic, but will be even more fantastic once it gets a little chillier out.
  5. A lovely hubby 🙂 I woke up feeling incredibly sick on Saturday morning (before your mind jumps to any conclusions, no it was not morning sickness, y’all) and was puking from 8am-4pm. It was horrid. Lucky for me, Joe ran to Target to get Pepto Bismol (and popsicles), then back out to get blue Gatorade, then once I was pretty sure I could keep things down, he made soup, all while trying to make me feel better be reminding me we’re going to Disney! 🙂 I definitely won the hubby lotto.
Book full of gifts listed out, and a slowly dwindling pile of thank you notes waiting to be written.
Book full of gifts listed out, and a slowly dwindling pile of thank you notes waiting to be written.


Happy Thoughts for a Monday. 

Nobody likes Mondays, though I suppose today could be an exception for those of us who get to celebrate Labor Day with sleeping in and barbecues. Anyway, I’ve decided that every Monday I’m going to try to make a list of things that make me happy, or have made me happy over the past week! Here goes nothin’:

  1. 50% off at the Kate Spade outlet, which meant a new wallet for me!
  2. My mom’s co-worker traded cars with her for the weekend, allowing us to get our new couch to Kalamazoo in the bus. I mean Expedition.
  3. Living vicariously through my sister who got to go to Disney World this weekend. The jealousy is high.
  4. I got to go to Pure Barre on Saturday! Totally, without question, my happy place. And I’m still sore. But I got a cute PB branded Pura Vida bracelet so I can take my love for the barre back to Kzoo with me!
  5. The broken parts of our credenza were delivered! I’m beyond excited to finish building it and start filling it with everything that didn’t fit in our kitchen. Is this what married life is like!? 😛 I’m also looking forward to putting the wire triceratops on it that I got from the Fab warehouse sale this weekend (along with a lot of other things, including an 8×10 rug for our bedroom, all for under $300 shipped. Hooray Labor Day sales!)

Happy Monday, y’all!

New scarf from Ralph Lauren, and wallet from Kate Spade. Thank you outlet sales.
New scarf from Ralph Lauren, and wallet from Kate Spade. Thank you outlet sales.
Oh hey, bony wrist. Love this bracelet:)
Oh hey, bony wrist. Love this bracelet:)