It’s Friday and I like wine.

Welp, this post started as a wine down wednesday post, then moved into a thirsty thursday/happy national drink wine day post, buuuut life got in the way – primarily due to an 11-hour graphic design summit for work yesterday (concluding with a viewing of Zoolander 2!) annnd now it’s just Friday which is pretty great, but as far as I’m aware Friday doesn’t have any cool drinking phrase/title to go alone with it. Friday is just that awesome…it can stand alone and everyone will still love it!

Sigh, rambling. It’s been a long week. The good news, scientists say that drinking a glass of (red) wine before bed is good for your health! Shout out to you, resveratrol – the real MVP.

Anyway! Wine! A while back – maybe a year or so ago, one of my friends that lives in California mentioned to me that the drought that California has been dealing with has also been affecting the hundreds (thousands?) of wineries that exist throughout the state. Maybe they’re not using the cleanest water, or they’re adding things to the water that we just don’t want to be consuming, I don’t even remember the specifics of what he said. Whether or not this is true? I have no idea. I haven’t done much research at all, but I decided that I would stop buying wines from California if they were bottled after 2014, kind of as a challenge to myself (which yes, means sometimes I have to pay more than $8 for a bottle of wine,) but also just as a way to stay cognizant of what I may or may not be putting in to my body. If Joe and I are going through a bottle of wine in a week (hey, it happens on occasion) I’d like to feel 100% confident that what we’re drinking doesn’t have trace elements of arsenic (or poopy water. Yep, I said it.)

As some background: I used to be one of those people that would make a scrunched up face after drinking the tiny cup of wine at communion – until we visited my sister in South Africa, where we spent an entire day drinking our way through the winelands of Stellenbosch and some other towns I can’t quite remember. Well, that and realizing that if everyone else on social media drinks wine while watching the Bachelor, it can’t be that bad! (Kidding. Kind of.)

Okay back to avoiding California wines. So this challenge has in fact beenwell, challenging: almost all of the best labels (I’m suchhhhh a sucker for good labels) at Target were from California in 2015. There were a few outliers, but in varieties I didn’t like, or simply out of our budget. Enter: Club W. A few weeks ago two of my friends were talking about the wines they were going to be getting in the mail..and as soon as they mentioned I’d get a free bottle with my first order, I was sold. I’m easily convinced when it comes to things I like, what can I say?

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 9.53.48 AM

Club W does have a huuuge selection of California wines, but also a pretty wide variety of wines from other countries…Chile, Argentina, Spain, Italy, France…etc. – and enough of those ‘other’ wines to make good a good selection for my box. I really appreciate that there’s a small description along with where the wine is from easily accessible from the main screen – it makes choosing my 3 wines much easier…even though sometimes that requires me passing up a great label. The prices are great too – primarily $13 bottles, with an occasional higher price point for wines that would generally sell for more in a store. And I gotta say, waiting for a shipment of wine at work definitely makes the day better (they need someone 21+ to sign for the delivery, so it can’t be delivered to our house.)

My first 3 bottles of wine - One From the Quiver went to my mom for her birthday, and as far as I'm aware, she liked it! The other two are yummy too :)

My first box o’ wine included:

One from the Quiver – 2015 Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina (went to my mumsie for her bday)

Sapore Locale – 2014 Falanghina from Campania, Italy

Les Bobos – 2014 Carignane from Minervois, France

I didn’t even know Falanghina or Carignane were types of wine! They’re all yummy though, and I already have my 3 wines picked out for next month (Alma Libre 2014 Red Blend from Chile, One From the Quiver 2015 Torrontes from Argentina, and L’Atelier du Sud 2014 Sauvignon Blanc from France) 🙂 Definitely a special treat for me and Joe – it keeps the guesswork out of finding a wine we think we’ll like (and let’s be honest, saves about 10-15 minutes during any given shopping trip!)

A few details: 1) If I’ve intrigued you, and you sign up using this link, we both get a $13 credit (which means a free bottle of wine for both of us! Woohoo!) 2) It is a monthly subscription, so if you forget about it, you’ll still be charged/sent a package of 3 wines that they’ve chosen for you. So remember to either skip the month, or choose your wines if you don’t like surprises!

Whew. Who’d’ve thought I could ramble on about wine for this long? Not me! If you sign up, let me know what wines you chose – I’m curious! Also if you’re thinking to yourself “Claire, you’re crazy, California wines are just fine” feel free to let me know that too 😉

Hope everyone has super fun weekend plans – I’m highly highly looking forward to tomorrow’s 90 minute massage.



fall favorites!

Well, it’s 70 degrees out, and the 3rd of November…not very Fall-like, but you absolutely won’t find me complaining. However, despite the unseasonal weather, it is mid-Fall, which I’ve decided calls for a Fall favorites list! I’ve given myself a handful of categories that I think align nicely with my day to day life, so hopefully this is something I’ll be able to stick to on a seasonal basis! (Maybe more often than that. Who knows.) Also, sorry I’m so wordy! o_O

Movie: I’m going to go the semi-expected route here (well, maybe expected), and choose Halloweentown. One of my favorite parts about our Apple TV is that there’s a Disney Channel app that not only lets you watch the Disney Channel live, but also has a large on-demand section. This on-demand section had a huge number of halloween DCOMs throughout the month of October, and I watched the vast majority of them (including a new DCOM, Invisible Sister, which I loved) – but of course Halloweentown takes the cake. I’ve also recently enjoyed The Martian and Warm Bodies, and am super looking forward to seeing Spectre this Friday.


Book I’ve recently finished: Sometime over the past few months I noticed my mom reading a book called The Museum of Extraordinary Things – which I subsequently borrowed from her (hooray for long check-out time frames at the library!) and really enjoyed. I ended up Googling the book after finishing it for a reason that I no longer remember, and noticed that Geek Love was highly recommended for people that enjoyed reading The Museum of Extraordinary Things…so I added it to my list! Both books revolve around family-run freak shows, and of course lots of weird…things… that one can expect when reading about that lifestyle. Geek Love flips between two time periods, past and present, which took me a few chapters to get used to, but I really liked the book overall!


Book I’m looking forward to starting: I put 4 eBooks on hold last night – and had planned on getting a Kalamazoo Library card on my way back from hot yoga, but forgot the documentation needed, so that’ll be soon! I don’t want to have to buy books if I don’t have to at this point (yay budgeting!)

  1. What Alice Forgot – Liane Moriarty
  2. China Rich Girlfriend – Kevin Kwan
  3. Slade House – David Mitchell
  4. The Heart Goes Last – Margaret Atwood

I think I have a weird taste in books. Anyway – I’m most looking forward to Slade House, but there are 5 holds ahead of mine. I don’t really get how eBook checkouts work, but hopefully I can read it soon!


Beauty Product: Thanks to Birchbox, I have been able to try out more than my fair share of lip colors, face creams, eye serums, peels, etc. – and I think one of my favorite finds over the last year and a half or so I’ve been getting Birchboxes, is the Marcelle Hydra-C “energizing hydrating gel”. I brought my initial sample on our family trip to Paris the day after I graduated, and I swear it kept my face looking purrrrdy despite art school exhaustion and  jet-lag! As soon as I got back home I ordered the full size version, and have been using it ever since!

Sidenote: Sometime in the near future I’m going to make a post about my everyday makeup. I’ve only started getting into the whole makeup thing (aka about a month pre-wedding) so it’s been fun getting more and more comfortable with what I’m doing!


Music: Well other than the obvious fact that Christmas music has started, I’m loving Selena Gomez’s new album, Revival! It’s perfect to put on while cleaning the house, or even trying to get in the zone to get some freelance work done. I’m also enjoying Levels by Nick Jonas, and Cake by the Ocean by DNCE (aka Joe Jonas. Don’t judge.) – any time they come on the radio, I can’t help but dance/sing along!


App: Plant Nanny – I actually just downloaded this app today after seeing it on Buzzfeed, and am super excited to see if it works for me! If you haven’t been able to tell from my past few posts, I’m on a mission to drink more water – so far unsuccessfully. This app takes your activity level and weight into account to tell you how much water you need to be drinking each day. As you drink water you tell the app, which subsequently waters the plant you’ve chosen on the app – the more water you drink, the better your plant grows…and it looks like you can upgrade your plant with new seeds and pot designs. Hooray for gamifying an important daily task! Here’s hoping it works for me:)

My plant doesn't even have eyeballs yet. Womp.
My plant doesn’t even have eyeballs yet. Womp.

Another sidenote: Gamifying is super interesting, VW did a whole series of videos on gamification that are worth a watch: the fun theory

TV Show: American Horror Story! Especially last week’s episode. I have a weird fascination with serial killers, and loved reading Devil in the White City (based on H.H. Holmes’ hotel built for killing during the 1893 World’s Fair…and Mr. March is loosely based on H.H. Holmes) – so everything about this season is right up my alley – especially last week’s serial killer/devil’s night dinner! I’m anxiously waiting for the Devil in the White City movie to come out, but for now AHS will have to do:) I also love the group texts that two of my friends and I send each other during each episode.


Brand: The past week or so has been spent ogling the goddess leggings from ALO. They look SO comfy, cozy, and perfect…minus the price tag (at least until after our Disney trip.)

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 3.05.31 PM

Etc: I originally had 3 ‘etc.’ sections – but this post is already super long. My other/random Fall fave is going to have to be Witches Brew! If you’ve never had it, it’s a spiced red wine that is even more delicious when it’s warm! It’s also around $6 a bottle, which is even better.


And that’s that! Yay fall! And yay for it being in the mid-70s for the next few days in November <3