Review: MAKE Lipstick and Eyeshadow

Disclaimer: I was sent these products from MAKE with no compensation other than the product to test and review. The following post consists of my honest thoughts & opinions about the product!

LBirchbox has introduced me to SO many new brands and products, it’s hard to keep them all straight in my head, but sometimes there’s a brand that is more memorable than others. Some hair products (a detangler and dry shampoo if you’d like specifics,) an eye cream, and an itty bitty, teeny tiny lipstick from MAKE to name a few.

That lipstick was memorable for more reasons than just it’s absurdly small size though, so when the opportunity arose to review a couple more products from MAKE, I jumped at the chance! I received their Silk Cream Lipstick in Taffy, and a Matte Finish Eyeshadow in Alabaster – and yes, they arrived and were just as comically small as the sample I received from Birchbox. But hey, whatever works!


As an aside, I also love their branding. Simple, memorable..yassss. So good.

Okay, back to my review. I’ve somehow managed to not lose the lipstick I received from Birchbox, so I decided to compare the two (along with the eyeshadow….which I’m pretty convinced I’m too pale for.) Pretty, right? The lipsticks actually do double duty and are moisturizing too – wooo! I’m all about multi-functional makeup, and hate when my lips feel like they’re drying out. Not a problem with MAKE’s lipstick. It also stays on prettttty long. Definitely needs reapplication throughout the day, but it stays on better than some lip products I’ve tried in the past 🙂

Onto the eyeshadow. Hmm. Well, I’m very curious to see how it looks on other people that aren’t quite as….translucent as I am. I put it on rather heavily and could hardly tell I had eyeshadow on at all. Sad day. It could probably work well layered over (or under) something else, but I’ve been using it in the corners of my eyes to brighten them up a bit! That’s been working out pretty well 🙂 MAKE’s eyeshadows are crease-resistant and oil-free, with Vitamins C and E help to provide antioxidant protection for the eye area.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 9.33.16 AM

After using the samples fairly consistently for about a week now, I think I’ve realized why the samples are so small – by the time they’re running out, you have already fallen in love with the products, so you’re tempted to hop on their website and buy the full size products! So sneaky, MAKE marketing team – I’m on to you 😉 (But it’s totally working, and you can get 20% off your order through 4/15 from using the code MAKEYOURSELF)



Friday Morning Surprise!

What do you do when you wake up with a stinging, burning, itchy rash on your face…other than furiously wash it with all of the soothing face washes you can, and moisturize it 3,000 times over? Well, blog about it of course!

Oy. I’ve had a few little pimpley type bumps on my face for a couple of weeks now, and last night I was just ready for them to go away – so I broke out the 10% benzoyl peroxide gel from Target and put some on before going to bed…only to wake up with a terribly unpleasant, a bit painful, super gross looking rash in the exact places I put the gel/ointment.

poor face.

Washing my face with a purifying clay cleanser AND the ocean mineral cleanser I reviewed a few weeks ago didn’t help, nor did slathering it in a handful of different lotions/moisturizers….so thank goodness for foundation and concealer for saving the day! Well. Sort of. My face is still burning/itching, I just took a Benadryl, and all I want to do is stick my face in the cup of yogurt I’m currently eating, but hey – at least I don’t look quite as ridiculous as when I woke up!



Cabin Fever

Since getting married I’ve been working from home, thanks to a pretty steady stream of freelance work – and don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty great to have the TV on in the background, binge half-watching season after season of Intervention, then American Horror Story, then America’s Next Top Model and The Mindy Project. It’s awesome being able to figure out dinner plans, staying home for important deliveries, and maybe even sometimes emptying the dishwasher or doing some laundry.

Mindy gets me. Episode: Stay at Home MILF
Mindy gets me. Episode: Stay at Home MILF

But my goodness I’m getting cabin fever. Without a baby to stay home with (I’d be all about that stay-at-home-mom life, but that’s not happening for another 4-5 years) or even a dog to take on walks and whatnot (maybe in the spring/summer, but not now) I’m hitting a wall – I’m tired all the time, gaining weight from sitting on the couch all day, and am just ready to have a 9-5 again! I’m used to being go-go-go, always busy – between multiple freelance jobs, internships, senior year of school and wedding planning, so all of that dropping off has me feeling not quite like myself…boredom doesn’t suit me. 🙂

Long hair. Can’t do it.

I’ve been exploring some potential options lately, and I don’t want to jinx anything, but if y’all could cross your fingers for me (say a prayer, whatever floats your boat) it would be very much appreciated 🙂


Review: Matrix 6 Mega Bright Eye Gel

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review from OZ Naturals, with no compensation other than the product to try out. The following post consists of my honest thoughts & opinions about the product!

For as long as I can remember I’ve had somewhat noticeable (dark/puffy) circles under my eyes…and for just about as long, I’ve been trying out different “un-puffing” “brightening” “caffeinated” “cooling” etc. products to try to fight the circles – pretty much unsuccessfully. If I’m being truthful with myself, it’s probably in part because of not getting enough sleep and/or being dehydrated, but I’ve continued the hunt for a product that works like it says it does! Soooo when I was approved to review OZ Naturals Mega Bright Eye Gel, I was super excited to give another product a try!

IMG_3665 Continue reading “Review: Matrix 6 Mega Bright Eye Gel”

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho…

Between boxes from moving, to furniture boxes and other various online purchases, we had a LOT of flattened cardboard for recycling this past week. It was pretty ridiculous. We put them all in the recycling bin by the curb the night before garbage day, but alas, the next day I found myself carrying all of our damp cardboard from the curb into our garage, in the rain. Yuck. After some Googling, we learned that the recycling guys will not take any cardboard that is bigger than 2’x2′. Sooooo, today was spent cutting down box upon box to the particular requirements, resulting in a tower of box chunks almost taller than me.

While Joe did the majority of that, I was breaking down 2 large black garbage bags full of styrofoam. It looked like it had snowed in our living room. Why don’t people recycle this stuff? Yikes.

And now for the most exciting news of all: after reading Friday that this is the last year for the Osborne Spectacle of Lights, Joe and I booked an impromptu trip to Disney World! For the past couple of weeks I had been trying to figure out a way to surprise him with a trip for his birthday (in December), but since he’ll need to take a day off work, I figured we might as well figure out the details together – I’ll make sure there are some birthday surprises sprinkled in to the trip though, of course 😉 Disney World really is my second home – and as much as I love traveling around the world, I don’t think I could ever get sick of walking up Main Street towards Cinderella’s castle as I’ve done countless times since I was 5 years old. Despite having been more times than I can count, I’m beyond excited to share so many new Disney related experiences with Joe. He’s been to Magic Kingdom once, as a (probably angsty) 18 year old, hardly rode any rides, and doesn’t have too many memories of his time there.

We’re both giddy, and will be anxiously counting down the days ’til we can walk down Main Street together – 88 days!

…it’s off to Disney we go!