Meet Barb!


Barbra Streisand.


Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Barbra Ann.

Or Barbie if you wish, but I think I reject that. She’s not a Barbie. There are so many better options; Barbecue and Barbra Streisand being personal favorites.

If you follow me on basically ANY form of social media (Snapchat followers got the brunt of it this past weekend,) you’ve probably learned by now that we rescued a 1 year old kitty named Barb (yes, we’re keeping her name) from the shelter on Saturday and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve both already determined that while we’d be significantly more tired, a baby would probably be easier than introducing a cat to a new house. She flip flops between being incredibly mischievous and “omg wait I’ve actually suddenly decided that thing is terrifying,” but I suppose that’s to be expected.

Trying to get into our bedroom. She’s been successful twice when we didn’t close the door quite fast enough.
Felted catnip wine bottles are her current toy-of-choice.

Barb was 4 months pregnant when she was found outside and brought to the shelter on Halloween of 2015, so obviously we’re making up for her not so great start to life by spoiling the crap out of her! 🙂 So many toys, nose boops, probably too many treats, and as many pets as she can handle.

She’s scared of the TV (but slowly coming around with help from catnip and treats,) is really interested in going basically anywhere we don’t want her to go (our bedroom and the basement,) and pretty much flat out refuses to wear her super cute “Jedi in Training” collar, which she manages to chew off within 1 minute of us putting it on, without fail. She’s not a biter, and basically only takes her claws out to play with toys or knead a rug….though she did stick 3 claws directly into my underboob on Sunday. Joe said I made a very unique sound when it happened. It hurt.

Joe's been calling her a "pointer kitty" - she likes sitting with one paw up in the air.
Joe’s been calling her a “pointer kitty” – she likes sitting with one paw up in the air.

Anyway, she’s also recently discovered she can jump up onto the credenza (with some vintage German bar-ware, and a precariously stacked set of Uncle Goose blocks,) and that if she reaches her paw in just right, she can touch Poppy. Apparently Poppy’s spikes aren’t particularly threatening. We got a spray bottle at Target last night to try to avoid such mishaps.

I'm obsessed with this picture.
I’m obsessed with this picture.

When we aren’t home, she has full run of the spare room…we feel bad sectioning her off for now, but she gets lots of lovin’ when we’re around, and she has everything she needs – including a window looking right out at a bird feeder. Pretty good (temporary) set-up, I’d say.

We gave her free, unsupervised roam of the house for 10 minutes (Joe was going to trivia, I was coming home from Bent 9) and of course she decides to just chill in front of the TV she's scared of. Sigh.
We gave her free, unsupervised roam of the house for 10 minutes (Joe was going to trivia, I was coming home from Bent 9) and of course she decides to just chill in front of the TV she’s scared of. Sigh.

Since I began writing this post (Monday afternoon) she’s gotten more and more comfortable with everything…the TV isn’t quite as scary anymore, and her feline tendencies are revealing themselves – poor BB-8 on a stick has already seen better days. We’ll probably fully kitty-proof the rest of our house by this weekend (see ya in a while, fancy German barware) – I think she’s begun going a little stir-crazy in the spare room/needs more space!

I had an early morning. She was making all sorts of noises.
I had an early morning. She was making all sorts of noises.

So…that’s Barb! Joe and I are both totally in love with her – crazy antics and all. I also think it should be mentioned that I’ve had Barbra Streisand by Duck Sauce stuck in my head since Saturday.




Bonus "me after 5 seconds in the kitty room" photo. Pure joy.
Bonus “me after 5 seconds in the kitty room” photo. Pure joy.

New Family Member Alert!

No, I don’t get to park in the “expectant mothers” spot that’s super close to the door at work, nor do I get to put my small collection of baby clothes to use (4.5 more years, people.) However Joe and I are journeying to one or two shelters tomorrow to try and find a kitty cat to add to our household! We’ve gotten all of the “cat basics” – including some very perfectly awesome Star Wars cat toys. I’m pretty sure Joe is more excited about the BB-8 on a stick than the actual cat (just kidding, but BB-8 is prettyyyy cute.)

Petco wins the toy game. We also got a cute Yoda collar.

Now don’t get me wrong, we still love Poppy the hedgehog and Agnes the frog, but we’re ready for an animal that will be just a bit more responsive/affectionate throughout our day to day lives…and before you say “just get a dog already!”, it would be selfish of us to add a dog to our little familia right now – we work a lot and go out quite often, not to mention traveling/going to the other side of the state pretty frequently (where a dog would not be welcomed.) Not about that doggie daycare/boarding life right now. Sorry, not sorry.

And surprisingly, there are a lot of those. Sorry us getting a cat doesn't align with your personal views? Idk.
My sincerest apologies that us getting a cat doesn’t align with your personal views/preferences? Idk.*eyeroll.* 

Anyway, moving on. We’re going to be super picky, and if we don’t find “the perfect cat” tomorrow, we’ll just go to another shelter next weekend and continue til we find our new bff…but let’s be real: I just love animals, and get on particularly well with stray cats.

stray cats
meow meow meow.

Hooray for new adventures!

Do any of you have any cat-owning tips we may not have thought of/known off-hand? I/we would love to hear them! 🙂