Music I’m Currently Enjoying…

After hearing rave reviews of Spotify from a handful of my friends, coworkers, and fellow students while I was still in school, I finally decided to try the 1 week trial of Spotify Premium. I hateee being asked what kind of music I listen to or what genre is my favorite, because I really do enjoy a little bit of everything (with a few exceptions, of course,) and after a few days of using the app

Sooo, I decided I’m going to share 5 of the playlists I’m listening to right now, because I have a feeling it may surprise some people! I’ll probably try to keep this up as time goes on, though it may be a while before I move on from this list – there’s a lot to choose from!

See? I wasn’t kidding. Incredibly inconsistent with any particular genre. I like variety, what can I say? I love that you can save playlists or songs to your phone – it makes my car rides a bit better, I’ve been sad since losing Sirius. (Though I guess lately I’ve had the country radio station playing in my car. Country makes me think of summer! <3)

I’ll probably end up paying for the Premium version of the app once my trial runs out – everything is so easy! Do you use Spotify? What are your favorite playlists? Any recommendations?