Morocco – Trip Report!

I finally was able to add photos to all 9 of my Morocco updates – woo! I didn’t post a ‘Day 10’ because all that happened was breakfast, finishing packing, hanging out for way too long at the airport (and trying to figure out how to spend the rest of our Dirhams) and then taking a taxi to our Airbnb (which was stocked with snacks and 3 large beers. Hooray!) Oh, I also bought a giant bottle of Amarula, which required me to check my bag from Frankfurt to Detroit. And then I got either the flu or food poisoning halfway through our 9 hour flight back to Detroit. That was awful. But I survived, and am looking forward to heading to Disney in a few days. It never stops!

So anyways, for ease of reading, I’m compiling links to each day’s review. Enjoy!

Day 1   Day 2   Day 3   Day 4   Day 5   Day 6   Day 7   Day 8   Day 9



Yay, Monday!

I’m preeeetty much convinced that it’s hard to have a bad Monday when the sun is shining and the temperature is above 55F. As usual, our weekend was packed full of greatness. One of these days we’ll learn that sometimes taking a break from our go, go, go lifestyle is acceptable. Maybe.

  1. Saturday was the Dark Horse Smoke-Off, and even though team Meat Yo Maker didn’t win, we had an awesome day…in part due to the consumption of more growlers than we could keep track of; but hey what do you expect for a day-long event at a brewery?! 😉 Everything I was wearing has a very smokey smell now, but I kinda like it!
  2. We went putt-putting Sunday. I lost. Lining up shots takes too much effort! Or something. I don’t really know why I’m not good at it; yesterday I was blaming my hair for blowing in my face, so I’ll stick to that story! Hah.
  3. Joe and I are both trying out different Teatoxes – Fruiteatox for me, Slendertox Tea for him. We’re on day 3 and nothing drastic has happened yet…though I am missing my daily/morning Diet Pepsi somethin’ fierce. I brought my Bambi mug to work today; people might be judging me a little bit.
  4. Le Tote had a sale going on – 50% off your first month, so I figured I’d try it out. You get unlimited boxes of clothes every month (get one, wear the stuff, send it back, get another) and can wear the clothes for as long or as short as you want. The stuff they sent me for my first round of clothes was pretty cute – but unfortunately it came right as the weather was hitting 70+ degrees. The likelihood of me wearing a somewhat chunky sweater in the blazing sun, no matter how cute it is, is very slim. That said – it’s definitely something I’m going to continue for at least a little longer. It keeps me from continuing to add more and more to my closet, but provides some (rotating) new-ness to my wardrobe that I definitely can appreciate. If it’s something you’ve been considering, just go for it! Especially if you have lots of events coming up. If you use this link you get $25 towards…something. I’m not sure if it’s a purchase of clothes, or your monthly cost – if you find out, let me know!! 🙂
  5. Phew. That was long. Last but not least, Topdeck updated their app over the weekend, providing support for their Middle East/Northern Africa trips! Of course I updated and checked out the app ASAP…sadly no one else seems to have done the same. No responses in my group chat quite yet. Check out that countdown though – woohoo!

Happy Monday, y’all!