Future Travel Plans + a New Weekly Post

Moroccan Proverb
Photo from AIESEC.

Welp, we did it! We are officially going to Morocco over New Years, and I couldn’t be more excited. Is it too early to start a countdown? 308 days to go, in case you were wondering. I’m sure trip prep will infiltrate my blog every so often leading up to our departure, but I’m most looking forward to writing about the trip upon our return! (Well, no. I’m most excited about going to Morocco, but I’m also looking forward to having a trip to write about!)

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 3.57.39 PM

It’s practically a blizzard outside, and although I have a bit of freelance work to do tonight, all I really want to do is figure out every single possible detail I can (and watch Pretty Little Liars. It sucked me in.) I swear, if I wasn’t a graphic designer, I would absolutely be a travel agent/trip planner. Getting all the details figured out is like a high…who needs drugs when you’ve got TripAdvisor?! Topdeck has the majority of the trip taken care of, but it’s never too early to start thinking about 1) what I’m packing in, 2) how I’ll manage the daytime (warm) vs. nighttime (cold) desert situation, or 3) what we’ll be doing on our 15 hour layover in Frankfurt!

Anyway – after finalizing travel plans (learning about a trip from my dad when I was younger, or now finalizing details on my own,) I always find myself looking up quotes about travel. I’m not sure why I do it; maybe just to confirm that my passion for traveling the world is requited, that I’m following in the “wanderlusty” footsteps of so many others? I don’t know, but I have noticed that there are a handful of quotes that always resonate with me, that I ‘pick out’ time and time again…so I figured I might as well share them with the rest of the world, one week at a time!

Cue: Wanderlust Wednesdays!

Similar to the Moroccan proverb at the top of this post, I plan on posting  a quote over some of my photography (the photo of Morocco is not mine) and maybe include a little blurb of travel related…something. Whether it’s about our upcoming trip, a past trip, or maybe even a funny story from my 7th Grade Geography teacher, Rufus. I’ll try to keep it interesting 😉

Travel is a huge part of my life, so I figure it’s about time I bring a bit more of that into my blog!


Monday, Monday, Monday.

There were shootings Saturday and Sunday night here in Kzoo...far too many sirens for one weekend. I can’t say I’m a fan, though I can’t imagine anyone would be. Hooray for a list of happy things; it is muuuch needed. I also have no fun pictures for this post, so instead I’ll attach my new phone backgrounds (lock screen and actual background) because I found them last night and they’re great.

  1. Joe is home safe and sound! That’s definitely a biggie. Lots happened while I was home alone this weekend – I don’t even think I’ve fully wrapped my mind around everything that’s happened, but I’m glad I have someone to snuggle up with again! Also, while I’m at it – thanks again to everyone that checked in to make sure I was alright – it means a lot!!
  2. We’re going back to GP this weekend, and my sister will be there too! Hooray for everyone being together…even if my sister will be a bit out of it due to post-wisdom teeth wooziness.
  3. I bought a pack of 6 white chocolate Reese’s Easter eggs at Target yesterday, and have miraculously only eaten one. I think that calls for a celebration. Hooray for self control!
  4. As you may know, I have a collection of kids books, and over the weekend I pre-ordered 3 new BabyLit board books: All Aboard: National Parks, a wildlife primer, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a faries primer, and Les Miserables, a French primerI’m sure there are better things I could be spending my ‘free money’ on, but where’s the fun in that?
  5. I’m not sure if this is a happy thing or a sad thing, but there are only 9 seats left on the flight Joe and I have been looking at for our hypothetical Morocco trip. We either have to bite the bullet and just book the trip, or….well yeah, we need to bite the bullet. I need to get my butt to Morocco one way or another. I am curious how I’ll handle two nights in the Sahara Desert though, just thinking back on my Morgan’s Rock anxiety attack experience. Ear plugs. I just need to remember to bring ear plugs. Scarab beetles can’t scare meeee (that is a lie. Maybe by December I’ll feel more confident hahahha.)

Aren’t they cute? I found them on Bando‘s website. Their stuff is all so adorable.

Anyway, it’s Monday and all is well, even if I did struggle getting into my pants this morning. Womp womp 😛




Bucket List – Travel

So between my 7th grade geography teacher’s most recent trip report (Ethiopia) and some serious daydreaming about a potential, very hypothetical end of year Morocco trip through Topdeck my travel bug all sorts of agitated (in the very best way.) Joe and I talked travel for a lot of our drive back to Kzoo last night, and I found myself saying “but I want to do ____ because it’s on my bucket list” more than once – so I decided to actually write out what is on said bucket list! My list does include a few things from my pre-marriage life (with my family) – and I know Joe’s list has a few more European destinations/items on it BUT I think this is a good jumping-off point for figuring out future travel plans 😉

  1. Float in the Dead Sea (Jordan/Israel)
  2. Kiss the Blarney Stone (Ireland)
  3. Spend the night in a yurt (Mongolia)
  4. Take a trip alone (Netherlands)
  5. Boat down the Bosphorus (Turkey)
  6. See a Blue Footed Booby (Galapagos)
  7. Pet a Hairy Coo (Highland Cow. The furry ones.) (UK)
  8. Floating Market (Thailand)
  9. Visit Machu Picchu (Peru)
  10. Visit Angkor Wat (Cambodia)
  11. Go whale watching (New England)
  12. Swim with pigs (Bahamas)
  13. See the Easter Island heads (Easter Island)
  14. Zip line through the jungle/rain forest (Costa Rica/Nicaragua)
  15. Visit the Sahara Desert (Morocco)
  16. See the Grand Canyon (Arizona, USA)
  17. See a race in Monte Carlo (Monaco)
  18. Go on a Safari (South Africa)
  19. See the Northern Lights (Iceland)
  20. Visit St. Basil’s Cathedral (Russia)
  21. Drink beer in Germany (Germany)
  22. Visit Madagascar (Madagascar)
  23. Visit the Himalayas (Nepal)

I’m sure there are so many things I’ve done with my family that are worthy of being on this list that have been left off, but I didn’t want to make my list too long (things like fish markets, Turkish baths, giant Buddhas, cruising down the Seine, and everything in Rome, perhaps.) To give you an idea, I started with a list of 10, but there are just SO MANY things I want to see and do. PLUS of course I can’t go too too long without a Disney-fix. Remember how I said my spirit animal is a hummingbird? I don’t do ‘nothing’ well.

And people wonder why Joe and I are waiting a while to have kids…pshhhhh. (Actually off-hand I can’t think of anyone wondering that, but that’s okay.)

Is there anything major I’m forgetting? Any suggestions to add to the list and make it an even 25? Let me know! 🙂





PS: Oy, now I’m daydreaming about the Hammam in Istanbul….