Morocco: Day 1

Running on very little sleep and not a ton of food (I chose sleep over lunch on our Frankfurt to Marrakech flight) we finally landed in Marrakech around 1:30pm! We boarded the FRA>RAK flight from the tarmac, after a bus ride through at least half a mile of airport land. We just kept going and going and going. Anyway. I think I’ve only ever boarded a plane from the tarmac once before, so that was kind of fun. We also de-planed directly onto the tarmac in Marrakech, and walked into probably the most beautiful airport I’ve ever seen! So much woodwork and patterning. ?

Passport control and customs were a breeze (though I wish my passport stamp was darker…) but then…our Topdeck driver was nowhere to be found. Eventually Joe found him, but he was just holding what seemed like a xeroxed copy of the Topdeck logo. Now, I will fully admit that I have an overactive imagination when it comes to things going wrong, but between this trip and our honeymoon (where the same thoughts ran through my head during airport pickup,) as we walked to his (unmarked) car, I had fully convinced myself that our driver wasn’t legit and was going to sell us into the local sex trade. And of course had already started working out escape plans. Do you know how easy it would be to print off a copy of the Topdeck logo and impersonate a driver!? Like I said. Overactive imagination. And maybe a little bit of anxiety. In any case, we DID make it to our hotel! All potential crises averted. 

Oh – on our drive I noticed that almost everyone was in puffy jackets. It was almost 70 degrees out, and I was sweating in my jean jacket. I guess when it gets up to 120 degrees or more in the summer, 70 seems a little chilly. 

Anyway.  Our room was ready upon our arrival, and despite a few dark hairs in each of our beds (eh, what’re you gonna do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯A little icky, but no biggie) we promptly rested our eyes for a while! In separate twin beds. Might have missed putting a “we’re married” memo somewhere, but it’s all good. 

Fast forward: we met up with our guide for the next 10 days – Ibrahim if I’m remembering correctly – along with two of the 4 other people on our trip! Joe is the only male. Ibrahim lives in the Atlas Mountains. 

The 4 of us and Ibrahim walked to the newer section of Marrakech for dinner, where we people watched and stray kitties came up to our table begging for food. It took a lot of self control to not give the kitties lots of snuggles. I promptly informed the table that I have 3 old phones set up in our house to allow me to check in on Barb. Resident weirdo, checking in! ?

Joe and I ended up paying the equivalent of $9 (90 Dirham) for a very filling dinner of pita, meat (beef) tagine, chicken tagine, a bottle of water, a bottle of coke (sorry, dad!) and some after dinner tea. Can’t beat that!

Now I’m laying in bed watching The Dark Knight Rises – its in English – with lots of vehicle noise, drumming, and the occasional clip-clopping of horses pulling a carriage. Doesn’t get better than that! (Well, one one bed instead of two would be nice, and I’m not quite as sleepy as I’d like to be, but you get the idea.) 

Tomorrow is  New Year’s Eve! We have an early start on Jan 1, so I’m not sure we’ll do anything too crazy, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it is celebrated in Morocco! Ibrahim said the Berbers won’t be celebrating the new year for 13 more days – not sure why that is. Maybe we’ll find out!

Goodnight! (Somehow it is already 11pm. Oops.)

Ps. Sorry for any weird formatting. Doing this from my phone 🙂

xx Claire