Happy Monday – 7/18

Holy cannoli my allergies have been bad lately. I have an inconsolably itchy nose from the second I step out of the shower in the morning until about 10am when my Zyrtec kicks in. Anywho, it’s Monday, which means it’s time for happy things!

Weird. I don't really have any good photos to post this week, so you get a Snapchat screenshot. Happy Monday :)
Weird. I don’t really have any good photos to post this week, so you get a Snapchat screenshot. Happy Monday 🙂
  1. We saw Secret Life of Pets and Addams Family: The Musical over the weekend – and while I’d like to say we did a lot of cleaning and packing up the rest of the time…that wasn’t the case. One chill weekend before we’re going crazy with moving and such was needed.
  2. I ordered a pair of Madewell jeans that I’ve had my eyes on for a while now — high-rise and super flared — for $31 shipped down from $140. They’ll go perfectly with my Birkenstock sandals and a book about a ‘Manson-esque’ cult/the end of the 60’s (The Girls). Fully embracing my inner hippie over here.
  3. My wrist and hand are healing nicely after Friday’s frightening debacle, and Barb seems to be happy as a clam. Probably taking a day or two more off of climbing and Bent9 to let my cuts close up a bit more, but yay for no trips to the ER/vet.
  4. Only 18 days til Disney! We’re both so excited to spend a weekend at the Happiest Place on Earth, especially after the craziness that has been our house-buying adventure. Not to mention that it means we’re coming up on our 1 year anniversary. What the what?!
  5. It’s kind of close to August, which means I get to start using my new planner soon! Exciting stuff.

Arg, WordPress’ “readability analysis” drives me bonkers. Just because 31.6% of my sentences are more than 20 words and I’m not using any subheadings, it gives me a red dot needs improvement rating. Despite the fact that I’m at 80.8/100 in the Flesch Reading Ease test, and 47.6% of the sentences contain a transition or phrase, which is great.” It drives my inner word-nerd crazy that I don’t have a green dot. Oh well, what can ya do?

Happy Monday!


Happy Monday – 6/27

I’m just going to get straight to it this week:

  1. We just put our last month of rent in the mail! Woop woop! Now we just have to hope that we’ll have somewhere to go at the end of July. Come onnnn, appraiser dude.
  2. Only 39 days until our Disney trip! A weekend in the happiest place on earth (or at least one of them) will be a welcome reprieve to all of this house-related stress. Also I’m introducing Joe to the wonders of Boma. Salivating just thinking about it right now, mmmm.
  3. Saturday afternoon was spent at our friends’ pool floating on flamingos and ice cream cones. We popped in to Five Below (for the first time ever) before heading over to swim – definitely some of the best purchases we could have made…even if the ice cream cone wasn’t particularly float and relax-friendly. 😛
  4. I have officially started my Christmas shopping! Yay for sales and planning ahead! I highly recommend it. But along with early shopping comes writing a list of what I’ve purchased (and making sure I keep track of said list,) because let’s be real, I’d forget all about  my purchases 6 months from now otherwise.
  5. Sample Vökin bottles have been printed! Very exciting. The owner is coming out this week to do dinner and discuss some small changes and adjustments that need to be made, but hooray for progress! Here’s hoping product finds its way to shelves soon!!


Sheesh, I started this post over lunch, and now it’s time to get ready for bed. Life is just too busy right now. Happy Monday!


Yay, Monday!

I’m preeeetty much convinced that it’s hard to have a bad Monday when the sun is shining and the temperature is above 55F. As usual, our weekend was packed full of greatness. One of these days we’ll learn that sometimes taking a break from our go, go, go lifestyle is acceptable. Maybe.

  1. Saturday was the Dark Horse Smoke-Off, and even though team Meat Yo Maker didn’t win, we had an awesome day…in part due to the consumption of more growlers than we could keep track of; but hey what do you expect for a day-long event at a brewery?! 😉 Everything I was wearing has a very smokey smell now, but I kinda like it!
  2. We went putt-putting Sunday. I lost. Lining up shots takes too much effort! Or something. I don’t really know why I’m not good at it; yesterday I was blaming my hair for blowing in my face, so I’ll stick to that story! Hah.
  3. Joe and I are both trying out different Teatoxes – Fruiteatox for me, Slendertox Tea for him. We’re on day 3 and nothing drastic has happened yet…though I am missing my daily/morning Diet Pepsi somethin’ fierce. I brought my Bambi mug to work today; people might be judging me a little bit.
  4. Le Tote had a sale going on – 50% off your first month, so I figured I’d try it out. You get unlimited boxes of clothes every month (get one, wear the stuff, send it back, get another) and can wear the clothes for as long or as short as you want. The stuff they sent me for my first round of clothes was pretty cute – but unfortunately it came right as the weather was hitting 70+ degrees. The likelihood of me wearing a somewhat chunky sweater in the blazing sun, no matter how cute it is, is very slim. That said – it’s definitely something I’m going to continue for at least a little longer. It keeps me from continuing to add more and more to my closet, but provides some (rotating) new-ness to my wardrobe that I definitely can appreciate. If it’s something you’ve been considering, just go for it! Especially if you have lots of events coming up. If you use this link you get $25 towards…something. I’m not sure if it’s a purchase of clothes, or your monthly cost – if you find out, let me know!! 🙂
  5. Phew. That was long. Last but not least, Topdeck updated their app over the weekend, providing support for their Middle East/Northern Africa trips! Of course I updated and checked out the app ASAP…sadly no one else seems to have done the same. No responses in my group chat quite yet. Check out that countdown though – woohoo!

Happy Monday, y’all!


Happy Happy Monday!

Last week was a good week I’d say, and not that anything in particular has happened so far, but I think this week will be as well! (And no, not just because it’s Bachelor Monday.)

  1. We went back to the other side of the state this weekend, and went to the Mardi Gras en Rouge fundraiser…which, while the VIP experience was rather disappointing, we had a great time. Plus I appreciate being given any reason to dress up! (Especially when I’m wearing something I usually wouldn’t wear, like a short, skin tight dress, or 4 inch stilettos. Wheeeee!) I also got to go to barre – with my mom!
  2. Related: On our drive back home from the fundraiser/gala (in my mom’s car) we hit a nasty pothole, resulting in an almost immediate flat tire. In the middle of Detroit. Luckily I married someone who knows a thing or two about cars…and someone who ignored my “eh we can probably make it home” suggestion. Joe had me call one of his groomsmen just for….ahem, support…if needed (I’ll just keep that vague) but he had the spare on the car and we were back on the road within 10 minutes. My friend and I didn’t even have to get out of the car! So needless to say – I’m feeling beyond grateful that I married someone who 1) can (quickly) change a flat in a suit. 2) stays calm under not so ideal circumstances, and 3) has friends that will be there for us in a jiffy should anything go awry.
  3. Also related: Barb didn’t get in to ANY trouble while we were away! Since we were only going to be gone for a grand total of 40 or so hours, we didn’t ask anyone to check in on Barb (though we did give her plenty of boxes and toys to stay occupado, and bought a cute water fountain/gravity-fed feeder so she wouldn’t run out of food and water.) Next time we’re away we probably will have someone stop on on Saturday, just for peace of mind, but we were pleasantly surprised by how well behaved she was! Of course, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t at our door this morning at 4am sharp meowing her little heart out. -_-
  4. Our trivia team won first place at Thursday night Sporcle trivia!! I promise that’s a big deal/is super exciting.
  5. I was selected to be a Mindbody Brand Ambassador! If you don’t know, Mindbody is a super great app that allows you to book fitness, wellness, and beauty appointments in your area – I’ve been using it basically since it was released, and they’re constantly improving it/working out quirks. Check it out!

I think I’m also in an exceptionally good mood because of the non-frigid weather we’ve been having, and more importantly…SUNSHINE! So great. Too bad we’re supposed to get more snow by Wednesday. I think I’ll just move to Disney World, k? 🙂

Happy Monday, y’all!


Weekend Goodness

I’m writing this at 1am (with plans to be up until around 2:30) thanks to a slight crockpot mishap – Joe has a chili/etc cook-off at work tomorrow, and we started prepping for his mac and cheese…when I poured the milk in without realizing that if we let it sit overnight, the noodles would get extra soggy. So now I’m letting Joe sleep (letting him? That’s weird. He’s sleeping.) since he has to be up for work at 6 and I can sleep in basically as late as I want tomorrow. I’m currently not convinced our mac and cheese will turn out – we might have let our love of cheese get the best of us (there might actually be such thing as ‘too much cheese’) but hopefully the crockpot works its magic! Meanwhile, I’m writing this post and watching old school Disney Channel Halloween movies – no complaints! 

Anyway, potential mac and cheese disaster of 2015 aside, our weekend back at home was lovely! After I did some freelance work on Friday morning, my dad and I went to the range – I shot a .22, since any other (larger) gun still gives me the willies. At some point I decided that shooting at the dude on the target was too easy (my first shot was right to the center of his head. Doesn’t get much better than that,) so I started aiming for the barrel of his gun. It took a while, but I eventually got it! I was proud 😉

Joe got into town Friday evening, and after a couple of rounds of Scrabble and catching up with my parents, we called it a night, in preparation for a busy busy busy Saturday!

Went back to my second home – Pure Barre! And I’m still sore.

After a wonderfully grueling Pure Barre class, my mom and I went to a yearly shopping event benefitting Planned Parenthood. We’ve gone together (sometimes with my sister, sometimes without) for about as long as I can remember, and the main reason for my trip home was so that tradition could continue. Note: the tradition also includes chuckling at the dirty stares given to us by the numerous anti-abortion protesters. 

Next up was a quick stop by my seamstress to get a rip in my wedding dress repaired before taking it to the cleaners – she was amazed by the (good) shape it was in, especially considering we wandered through the Farmer’s Market and a couple of alleys in Detroit. I also shared our wedding album with her…I’m pretty sure I’ll never get sick of looking at our photos <3

We watched the UofM/MSU game for a bit before heading downtown for dinner (HopCat – so delicious!!) and our Houdini bus tour, when we learned of Michigan’s super depressing (read: embarrassing?) loss…thanks to a group of rambunctious, drunk 30somethings sitting at the back of the bus for the duration of our tour.

We got to see the location of the hotel (now a parking lot) Houdini stayed at after arriving from Montreal (where his impending demise began – thanks to a few quick punches to the stomach area), followed by the theater he performed in with a 104 (?) degree temperature (now a parking garage), followed by the hospital he spent his last days in (now a parking lot). Finally we visited the morgue Houdini’s body was brought to after his death – a building that was still standing! With ‘No Trespassing’ signs pasted up, but a real building, nonetheless. Lastly we visited Michigan Central Station, where his coffin (with a glass top, used in his ‘buried alive’ trick) was transported from Detroit back to NYC. I’d still love to go into the train station some day before it (hopefully) is all redone.

The morgue where Harry Houdini was embalmed.

Sunday we went to church, finally meeting the new pastor that was installed the week after we got married! Our church’s website….leaves something to be desired…so I’m going to offer to either take some nice, high-res photos of our church, or assist in redoing the website. We’ll see what happens.

I rushed to my friend Liz’s house straight from church to meet up and carpool to Disney on Ice! We might have been the oldest people there without children, but it was still fantastic, and I loved listening to how the kids around us were reacting. A personal favorite: “OH. MOMMY!!! IT’S ARIEL! TAKE A PICTURE TAKE A PICTURE TAKE A PICTURE PLEAAAASE! Did you get it? I need a picture of Ariel mommy, she’s SO PRETTY!”

a 6ish year old sitting in front of us turned around at one point, judging us for singing along loudly (and enthusiastically!) throughout the show. Oops.
I left my ears in Kzoo 🙁

I feel like we’re always talking about how busy we pack our “free time” – but really I don’t think we’d have it any other way! We do enough sitting/veg-ing during the week, it would seem a little wasteful doing the same on weekends.

In other news, Bonnie (maybe Agnes, I’m not sure which of the two is still alive) the frog has successfully made the trip to Kalamazoo! I’d post a picture, but it’s dark and they all turned out terribly horrible.

Now to continue tending to the disaster that is our crock pot mac and cheese. Hope everyone else had a lovely weekend as well!


PS: Self-hosting is hard to figure out. Hopefully the weird numbers in my URL will be gone soon, and I’ll be back to normal!

happy thoughts for a monday

with bonus photo a day pictures!

  1. A whole weekend to ourselves to relax (and clean/organize etc.)! Don’t get me wrong, having visitors and going back to the other side of the state are both marvelous, but we’ve been in go-mode pretty much non-stop since our wedding, so it was nice to be able to just chill. 
  2. Our fastpasses are officially set up and ready to go for our Disney trip in December! I wasn’t quite fast enough to get fastpasses for Snow White’s Mine Ride, but I’m pretty content with how it all worked out. I planned out our general itinerary, because that’s what I do when we have limited time at the parks – though I’ll probably re-write (the same thing) about 10 more times before we leave.

    Trip Planning! And really planning in general. I like specifics.
    October 11 – A Talent – Trip Planning! And really planning in general. I like specifics.
  3. It’s mid-October and still relatively warm! We’ve had the front and back doors open for the past couple of days, which I LOVE (despite our front door’s screen not actually being secured in any way, letting in stink bugs. Sigh.) Tonight we’re going on a hike through a nature preserve assuming it doesn’t rain – making the most of the weather before it gets too cold! (ps. thank goodness for allergy medicine. My allergies have been HORRIBLE lately.)
  4. Pen Pals! Okay, well I only have one right now, but it’s kind of cathartic to just sit down and spend some time writing about whatever crosses my mind, knowing that my pen pal will appreciate even the most random of stories. I also joined the Reddit Postcard exchange occurring this month, and am looking forward to send out that card as well 🙂
  5. With the change of weather comes the board games and puzzles – last night was spent playing Scrabble (a wedding gift!) – Joe won a round, and I won a round…I definitely think that’ll become a regular thing. It feels much more productive than binge-watching Gotham on Netflix…but no regrets there.

    October 12 - Fun! Scrabble is fun :)
    October 12 – Fun! Scrabble is fun 🙂

Happy Monday!